Shiney Brites and Glass Garland


I usually dread the holiday season but this year, something has changed and I am one of those irritating people who start acting like Christmas is next week, even though we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. I shop the Christmas decor in October, put on the She and Him Christmas Pandora station and yesterday, we set up our tree.

I gave an old wreath a makeover with glass garland, vintage Shiney Brite ornaments and one of our vintage elves. I went crazy with the wire on the Shiney Brites so they don't fall off and crash to the ground when we open and close the door but this way, if we want them for the tree next year, they can be easily removed.

For our first Christmas as a married couple, we started a tradition of picking out a new snow globe every year. Some day, I hope to be an old lady who makes her kids and grand kids dust the snow globes and set them all together on a big wooden buffet in the dining room while I nag "Be careful! Those things have lasted a million years!"

1950s vintage glass Christmas ornament collection with pixie elf and pastel bottle brush tree

christmas tree snow globe from target 2014

silver deer snow globe from Target 2008

glass garland and retro santa vintage christmas decorations

diy shiney brite retro christmas wreath with vintage elf on a shelf

diy shiney brite retro christmas wreath with vintage elf on a shelf


  1. Ahh, your Christmas set up is so cute, Brittany!! I'm still kicking myself for not getting some vintage ornaments at the flea market I attended. But, I think I'll pick up a mini pink-colored tree on my next outing, and decorate it.

  2. I plan on having a collection of vintage Christmas items, but I have to move out of Alaska first - so probably next Christmas I'll be on it. I love the new tradition of a Christmas globe! Its romantic. I hope I can start a new traditions of my own.

  3. Gosh!
    Look at that Matroska-doll! She's divine. Any chance of giving us the pleasute of how-to for this, darling?


  4. Aah, snowglobes. I adore them, and have a small, but expensive, collection. I wish I had come up with the idea of buying one each year. I collect glass ornaments, they are very expensive, but also very beautiful. As a little girl I dreamed of a huge Christmas tree full of only glass ornaments in all shapes and colours, and now I have it. :)

  5. PS: I love your vintage looking gnomes/elves and glass ornaments. :)

  6. What a wonderful tradition Brittany!
    Ever since I was small snow globes and music boxes have been my favorite item to have every around the house. There is something so calming, fun, and magical about them. I remember being little and saying that when I was an old woman I would have a huge collection of snow globes and music boxes. And I already have a small collection of snow globes, musical snow globes, and a music boxes also!

    xoxo from Kristen.

  7. What a heartwarmingly beautiful tradition! I love that you're keen for them to become treasured family heirlooms. I have no doubt that they will.

    ♥ Jessica


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