Affordable Vintage Shoes for Winter


 Today I spotted the first snow flakes of the year in Missouri. I am so sad to pack up my summery sandals, peep toes and wedges but I have missed my fluffy winter boots and colorful stockings. If you're looking for vintage style winter shoes this season, check out this round up of my previous year's posts for warm retro looks on a budget. You may be surprised to see some of these styles at modern department stores!



  1. You must have been reading my mind, lol. I was only looking for some new winter boots on Zulilly yesterday and we had our first flurry of snow here in Tennessee today, too.

  2. It's hard to believe that another lightning fast autumn is as good as over for most of us already. We haven't had our first snowflake yet, but the temps have been cold enough for it since the start of the month and I'm sure it won't be long now. Luckily I bought to great pairs of vintage-y looking winter ankle boots (both at Wal-Mart) last January and they'll be seeing me through the next few icy months in style and warmth. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Whooo so many lovely shoes! I am a notorious shoe addict and I am trying to wear more vintage reproduction shoes, since truly vintage shoes are so fragile.

    I haven't found many right ones yet (I am too picky for my own good) but this list is amazing. In fact I even bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing it!


  4. By the way, what a pathetic comment about boycotting American women ... pfew.


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