I often wear house dresses while I do chores and I'll even step outside in a house dress to pull a few weeds or cut the grass. This weekend, we had a lot of tall weeds along the fence line and I wasn't thinking about wearing protective clothing to whack them down so I'm now covered in poison ivy!

Embed from Getty Images Don't make the same mistake that I did! Always have a few quick wash and wear outfits on hand for yard work day. Here's some vintage inspiration that you can wear for hard play outdoors or a run to the grocery store- all practical and comfortable!


Embed from Getty Images Tops
  • Button-up Blouses pair well with any style of jeans but you can dress them up with a skirt. Modern blouse have an instant vintage feel with the right accessory and hair. See mine here
  • Pull-over knits are easy in the fall and winter and are so comfortable! Avoid knits if you'll be digging around in prickly bushes or fields full of burrs. There's lots of great free knitting patterns here
  • Tee shirts- ladies in the 40s and 50s wore tee shirts too, take a look at Marilyn's tee and jean look

Embed from Getty Images Headwear

don't forget your work gloves!

Remember to toss all clothes in the wash and hop in the shower as soon as you come indoors. If you're prone to poison ivy like myself, Technu is a wonderful soap that removes oils from these bad plants. After a run to the doctor today, I hope to be back to fun in a few days. I had great plans for a hair tutorial and some outfits so hopefully this clears up soon and I'll remember my own advice next time!!