How To Wear Black and White


how to wear black and white vintage style

 "Women think of all colors, except the absence of color. Black has it all. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony."- Coco Chanel

I am such a fan of crazy bold colors but some of my most well loved pieces are black and white, grey or tan. Something typically drab with no color at all. There's a reason why the little black dress is a closet staple. Neutrals never go out of style. You can pair an otherwise boring dress with any accessory, any color and style it a million different ways.

Today, I want to talk about how to wear black, white and grey and make it really pop, without the use of other colors.

how to wear black and white vintage style

Play with Sharp Lines
On Friday I bought this killer black and white stripe dress by Tatyana Boutique, on sale at Modcloth and I can't wait for it to get here!  If you go for monochrome, try sharp lines like a stripe, check, hounds tooth or color blocking.

how to wear black and white vintage style

Incorporate Unexpected Details
a unique accessory may be small but it makes a big impact. Here, play with crochet gloves, polka dot scarves and quirky print tights. 60s style white sunglasses are an effortlessly chic finish

how to wear black and white vintage style

Focus on StructureA shapely garment with perfect fit or unique details doesn't need a novelty print or bold color to pack a punch.  White light fabrics with full folds in the skirt is crisp, light and feminine while this classic black dress is sleek and sophisticated. What might be a boring grey or black becomes spectacular with a beautiful collar, perfect drapes and darts in all of the right places.

Use Texture and Print
This black wool suit and veiled hat stand out with the strong texture of a lace parasol and veil. Black and white is always bold with a playful print like polka dot.

how to wear black and white vintage style

how to wear black and white vintage style

10 Classically Vintage Staples in Black and White
  1. black ballet flats
  2. black and white polka dot print
  3. white 60s sunglasses
  4. white peter pan collar
  5. white pearl necklace
  6. black seamed stockings
  7. black or white capri pants
  8. black corde handbags
  9. snowy white cardigan
  10. white gloves

Do you love the all black and white look?


  1. I, like you, love wearing colors, but ADORE black and white. One of my favorite black and white looks is the dress Julian Moore wears in A Single Man, it's so beautiful. Have you read 'The Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern? It's one of the most visual novels I've ever read, and the only colors described are black and white - but with a dash of red. So atmospheric and inspiring.

  2. I love the drama of black and white. Great post.

  3. I do, very much so, but don't tend to wear it (at least not without another hue or two swirled into the mix for good measure) myself, as black (near my face in large doses) tends to drain my colour more than other dark neutrals like navy, brown, and most greys. I find that come winter, I wear black more often than in the summer months (as many folks do) and indeed, for a few years now, bar none, I've sported the combo of black, white or grey, and red more than any other. I honestly call it my "winter uniform" at this point! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Black & white is my favorite combo ever. My friends & family know if given a choice, I always go for the black & white one! I am new to vintage blogs and am enjoying yours. It is authentically vintage and yet attainable for the everyday person on an everyday budget. I have always loved old things but mainly kept to accessories. Now I am branching out into clothing styles and hair as well. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great work.

  5. I don't often go for an all black-and-white outfit, but I do have a lot of both shades in my wardrobe. I do love the impact of a black-and-white look though - I should try it on me more often!

  6. I love colour and wear mostly colours. But I love black and white prints they are so striking. Houndstooth, palm prints, and any kind of diamond and of course dots. I once had a beautiful houndstooth coat which I sold to a dealer, I later saw her wearing it herself and she looked amazing - it was far too big for me but I still look out for that print so perhaps I can make one. As I am more into vintage sewing than vintage clothing monochrome prints can be hard to find fabric shops.

  7. I love wearing black and white, and for a long time my closet was fairly completely monochrome. Since I switched over to vintage clothes I've been wearing it less, but I'm slowly re-amassing black and white clothing.

  8. Yes I do and I've just bought a black and white hound tooth pencil skirt, which will look lovely with both red, green and purple. Thanks for the styling tips. :)


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