Fryin' Chicken in my Vintage Kitchen



Yesterday was a typical day of housework, playing with the little ones and working on some crafts in the afternoon. I've been dealing with poison ivy for the past 2 weeks so I really haven't wanted to wear anything but pajamas but it's finally feeling better so I decided to put myself together. I always get more work done when I'm dressed for work and gosh, it felt good to be able to wear makeup again!

I wore this little cotton house dress from Emily of Livin' Vintage that I haven't worn in ages. I forgot how comfortable it is! Oh yeah, I totally have a sink full of dishes- just keeping it real for you!

I also pin curled my hair in the morning and did a brush out this afternoon before Pj came home. I never do a pageboy style so I tried that today and I love the outcome! I'll be posting a tutorial for this look very soon.

Here's just after the brush out, posted on Instagram

Before dinner, I whipped up my tutorial for cactus pin cushions. So stinkin' cute!!

I hit the 4th of July meat sales the day before and stocked my deep freeze and I almost forgot about these beautiful drumsticks that I had!  I do believe that frying chicken is an absolute art that every housewife must master.

While on my adventures with Lauren in Rolla, I found this great vintage booklet from Crisco on how to properly fry things. It's loaded with excellent tips and adorable illustrations.

According to my mom, no one makes fried chicken like grandma. Next time I see her, I hope to get a lesson in dealing with whole chickens like a pro.


  1. I've never fried chicken myself. It's always seemed a little bit daunting. Honestly, though, I'm afraid that if I ever fried chicken at home my husband might die of an excitement induced heart attack. That dress is really cute!

  2. Love that page boy style on you! :D

  3. Oh no, I'm really sorry that you've been battling poison ivy lately. It's such a horribly painful experience! I'm happy that you're on the mend now and were able to fry up some scrumptious chicken and make such a darling cactus pincushion (which I just have to say again, I totally adore!).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I have a 1940s Boston Cooking school cookbook that I absolutely adore to cook out of. I feel like a proper vintage housewife whenever I do. Btw, that dress looks stunning with a red belt. :)

  5. Totally. No one makes fried chicken like my grandma either.

  6. I also agree, knowing how to fry chicken is really a must-have skill. In fact, growing up it was the understanding that one could not be a proper Southern woman without knowing how to fry chicken!

  7. Yum, yum, fried chicken. Not an easy task. I remember going down to south Georgia to visit family and we had fried chicken. I commented that I could never make mine taste so good and my mother said "Well that's because they use real lard down here. There is no substitute for it." Since I don't cook with lard, I've resigned myself to never achieving chicken frying queen status.

    You looked so adorable for your cooking!

    I haven't tried pin curls in a long time but you've inspired me to give it a try again.

    1. oh my gosh, yes you're so right!! I hate to cook with lard but for a once in a blue moon drumstick, totally worth it!! :)

  8. You look so cute while frying your chicken.. Love that dress.Looks nice on you.

  9. I love that dress, looks so comfy, even better than pjs!

  10. You look so cute and charming. Even the dishes behind you makes it all look even more charming. :)

  11. Seriously, this shirtwaist dress style LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU. Every time you wear one, I end up saving it to my computer as inspiration, hoping I will finally get my act together and sew one...


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