A few weeks ago, I was sent a beautiful box of goodies from JB Weld. I'm the kind of girl who loves a Saturday morning outing to the hardware store so believe me, I was excited!

I love to hunt down vintage treasures that need fixing and when I find myself in broken vintage tragedy, I keep the pieces in a safe spot till I can find the right thing to fix it with.

In the past, I've used a slow setting 2 part epoxy to repair broken bakelite bangles but today I decided to try it out with JB Weld quick set epoxy to see how the results differed. I also had a broken pink Lucite bangle and Lucite seahorse that fell off the wall in the bathroom to repair. The pieces were ready to handle in about a half hour but I let them sit overnight before trying to use them. Once the epoxy became tacky, I pressed the bangles together to form a tight bond, holding them in place for about 15 minutes.

how to fix broken lucite wall hangings and bangle bracelets

Aside from repairs, I always keep JB Weld in my crafting box for making jewelry. I've bought a bunch of vintage and vintage styled findings from the craft stores, flea markets and antique malls. With a little JB Weld and a pin back, you can make your own brooches, sweater clips earrings and dress clips. I hate to use any kind of jewelry glue because if the bond wears off, you risk losing these one of a kind findings. Since JB Weld reinforced with steel, I can wear these pieces without fear of losing anything.

For these projects I used a pair of deco style findings from a craft store, an antique key and a broken deco brooch.

These findings had little loops on the back, perfect for attaching a little chain for sweater clips. I attached a pair of alligator clips with JB Weld Original

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