Life in a Snow Globe


This afternoon, we were relaxing in the house when it started to snow. The living room and dining room have floor to ceiling windows on all sides so we could see the country snow scene from every angle and I said "It's like living in a snow globe!" It just so happened that Papa Gecko was next door, putting the finishing touches on a hayride wagon for the little ones. He bought the lumber yesterday and built it to fold up flat for storage, with bolts on the outside so none of the grand kids would bump against a pointy bit on the ride.

We're planning many wagon rides for the kids, with the next being an easter egg hunt all over the property with different points to stop at and hop out for eggs.

1950s blouse- estate sale
vintage wool skirt- antique mall
mustard purse- Target
1960s red wool cape- warehouse sale
over the knee boots- Modcloth


  1. Peaceful, absolutely beautiful images. The deep ruby hued cardinal against the snowy background looks like it should be on the cover of a Christmas card.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* May I just say how becoming and gorgeous I think your current hair colour and length are.

  2. How to tell it !!!
    you look always beautiful, under the snow, in the sun !!!

  3. Beautiful. I wanna live in a snow globe too. In Denmark we mostly get rain, and I love snow. :)

  4. Beautiful! There's a really magical, childlike innocence to these pictures, and I love how observational they are, capturing the red of the bird and the line of snow on a branch. Alas we've not had the picturesue serenity that snowfall brings - it's all been about the gale force winds and hailstorms here. You look wonderful, great outfit and lovely hair and make-up P x

  5. Don't you look pretty as a picture! And the kids sure look like they were enjoying every moment! Love the picture of the winter cardinal too. Pretty!!! I lived in Ohio and New Hampshire and I miss the beauty of winter... but not the winds, ice storms, shoveling out every morning and cars that don't want to start at 6 AM in subfreezing temps! But you all look like you were enjoying yourselves!

  6. Amazing!! x

  7. What fun! I'm so happy to see people enjoying the snow; I'm about through with it myself, but I'm happy to see someone else taking advantage of the weather. :) And you look lovely, by the way. I love those boots!


  8. These pictures are so beautiful. And that coat! Those shoes! Just gorgeous.

  9. You look absolutely serene in these photos. :) I just want to say thank you for the positivity that you incorporate in all of your posts. Reading your posts cheer me every time, even when I'm happy already. ;P

  10. You look like such a timeless beauty, what lovely photos! I also agree with Hannah, your posts are always uplifting for some reason! :)

  11. These pics are so beautiful. And the way you look against the snow, with your red lips, is just perfect! Looks like magic.


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