vintage pendleton 49er jacket with pin curls and bakelite

We took the kids to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. We've been taking them for the past 2 years and its a much nicer experience than waiting in line for an eternity at the mall. They have a great set-up for kids with coloring and crafts, free photo with Santa and lots of fun things to see and play with. Santa was really awesome too. 

My kids are terrified of Santa and strangers in general but he was great at breaking the ice and getting the kids interested in talking. It's just a dude in a red outfit but when you see how he talks to them and takes his time and he has such a twinkle in his eye, you feel the magic of St Nick.

I posted my Pendleton 49ers on Instagram yesterday as I was trying to decide which one to wear but of course, I went with the most festive option.

This 49er was an unbelievable find.

There was once a dream of a vintage shop here in St Louis called The Bale-Out where you could buy bags and bags of vintage for super cheap. See my adventures at The Bale Out in a previous post. Sadly, they closed last year and I didn't even get to go to the store closing sale. I was a heart broken. One day a few months ago, I was at a Salvation Army thrift store when I found this Pendleton jacket with tags from The Bale-Out for $12! I know, I told you they were cheap.

 Well, the thrift store price was a buck. One whole crisp green dollar.  This jacket had quite a bit of moth damage but hello- for a dollar?! Shoot, I would have happily paid $12. I brought it home, gave it some extra love with a needle and thread and its good as new! It still needs a matching button on one of the cuffs but I rolled the sleeves and you cant tell that it's missing one.

I also finally  got a chance to take photos of my beautiful holiday hair clip from Belle Blossoms. Right now, she is having a sale on hair flowers. Save 20% off using code BLOSSOMS2013 and get a free gift with purchase of $50 or more now until November 23rd. I love this wintery clip so much, you'll probably see it a lot in the next few months!

vintage pendleton 49er jacket with pin curls and Belle Blossoms holiday fruit hair clip

I wore all of my chunky red and green bakelite to match my lovely Pendleton, including the 2 light green ones, which I scored a Goodwill recently for $2 each!

Christmas bakelite bangles in red and green
vintage pendleton 49er jacket with pin curls and Belle Blossoms holiday fruit hair clip

vintage pendleton 49er gaytees snow boots bakelite christmas bangles

I think this will be my new autumn uniform.

pendleton 49er jacket-thrifted
navy wool pencil skirt- thrifted
gaytees boots- ebay
holiday hair clip- Belle Blossoms
assorted bakelite