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With over 110,800 page views last month and affordable rates, Va-Voom Vintage is an ideal place to advertise. Grab your October ad space for your blog, website or business with rates ranging from $15-$35 for the month. Ads sell out very quickly so if your ad size is booked, you can reserve for next month.

If you'd like to branch out to social media readers, check out my brand new Facebook and Pinterest Package. This package includes 25 Pinterest pins, 4 Facebook mentions and exposure to over 4,000 followers throughout the month

The Details

  • Ad buttons rotate with every page load within your size group to ensure that everyone gets an equal spot  near the top
  • Monthly sponsor roundup posts are posted on the 15th of the month and include information and links about your blog, business or website. If your ad is purchased after the 15th, your spotlight will be included in the following month's roundup
  • Featured Sponsor posts are published once per week, in order of booking so if you're the first to book, yours will be during the first week of the month, last to book will be during the last week of the month. 

  • Ad space may be purchased through Paypal, please email me at to reserve your space

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