12 Elegant DIY Halloween Decor Ideas


12 elegant diy vintage and shabby chic halloween decor ideas

With the spooky season upon us, decorate your haunted home with these chic DIY ideas

Add a coat of paint....

12 elegant diy vintage and shabby chic halloween decor ideas

Chevron Pumpkins via My Sweet Savannah

Spray Painted creatures from My So-Called Crafty Life

Snake Wreath via

Black wreath and pumpkins via My Sister's Suitcase

Decorate the vintage way with crepe paper...

12 elegant diy vintage and shabby chic crepe paper halloween decor ideas

Nevermore Wreath via Katydid and Kid

Simple Halloween garlands via Emma's Favorite Halloween Decor

Candy Filled Crepe Paper Pumpkins from My Own Ideas

Crepe Paper Tassels from Poppy Haus

Or maybe something shabby chic...

12 elegant diy vintage and shabby chic halloween decor ideas
Doily spiderwebs via My So-Called Crafty Life

Halloween canvas art from The Graphics Fairy

Decoupaged pumpkins via Positively Splendid

Vintage finds entryway via In the Fun Lane


  1. Oh, I love these ideas! I'm ready to decorate,thank you for sharing!

  2. The doily spiderwebs are awesome! It would be a cinch to buy some white and cream ones inexpensively second hand and dye them black at home for this purpose. Such a great idea - as these all are!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Love the doily spiderwebs. That's a very cute idea - but the link is wrong, I guess... I end up on "Katydid and Kid"... But her crepe raven looks awesome as well^^

    1. oops! Thank you for letting me know! I just fixed it!! Here's the link too

  4. Excellent, thanks for sharing those! Halloween is my favourite holiday, I get so excited for it and have my costume planned months before the day arrives! The doily lace in the corners of the doorway are particularly lovely.

  5. I love the chevron pumpkins! I already follow My Sweet Savannah's blog. She always has great stuff.

  6. Brittany,
    You have gathered here a wonderful display of ides.
    I went on and checked out the Halloween Mantel as it seemed quite intriguing and also the Halloween Fabric Art. They are both something I'd out into consideration.. however, we do not celebrate Halloween the same way you do.
    So, no decorations here - unless I want all my neighbors to start giving me the "looks" :)


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