Sunshine, Moonshine and 1940s Farm Girl Style


Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

On Saturday morning, the kids woke up very early in excitement to see the horses, Moonshine and Sunshine.

Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

Moonshine and Sunshine belong to the previous home owner and since she just bought a bunch of feed, they are sticking around for a while until the feed is gone, which is wonderful because we get to enjoy their company. Some horses aren't very friendly but these babies are the sweetest horses I've ever met.

Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

They are so gentle when the kids feed them snacks and Sunshine (the brown one) gives hugs in which she nuzzles up close to you and gives you a big lick.  They were both rescue horses and when they arrived here, they were very skinny and ill. Their mommy loves them dearly now and takes very good care of them. While my mom is babysitting, they are quite spoiled with carrots, apples and lots of petting.

Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

Pj and I ventured out to the barn in the morning and talked the two of them to walk the property with us, snacking on some grasses along the way. I found some beautiful wildflowers growing in the pasture.  Sunshine stuck right by my side through our walk. Isn't she a dear?
Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

Moonshine spotted a bunch of tadpoles living in her water trough.

I wore my Wearing History overalls, which made their debut in July. I love these overalls and hope to make a few more pairs this winter. My strawberry print blouse was originally a 1960s Penny's house coat. You know those frumpy cotton things you find in the sleepwear at thrift stores? I loved the cute print so I shortened it into a blouse and used the excess fabric I cut off to make sweet new puff sleeves.

1960s novelty strawberry print 40s style blouse

Wearing History Overalls 1940s farm and cowgirl style

vintage strawberry print blouse-thrifted
overalls- made by me using Wearing History overall pattern
red boots- thrifted


  1. Ohh, I've been thinking about getting those overalls to stitch up! Your version is fun! You picked the perfect setting for the pictures.

  2. The overalls look super fab on you! I think bc of your height it just looks amazing on you. I feel and look like an oompa loompa with overalls on hahaa xox

  3. I so want this overalls! And what a great idea to make a blouse from an old housecoat. I'm going to look t them in a whole new light now. Looks like you all are having a wonderful time. What a blessing to get away with your family for a while.

  4. I love how you made your blouse, so cute! I would have never thought of doing that.

  5. Your strawberry print blouse is too cute for words - much like the overalls, too, as well as the horses. I know just what you mean, not all horses have a friendly, sweet temperament by any means. It's such a joy when you encounter two like these beauties that are docile and well behaved.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. cute outfit... and what a great idea to make the housecoat into a blouse..Never thought about that. thanks for sharing.
    The horses are beautiful , Know the kids enjoyed it. enjoy your visits.


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