A Long Way Home


Oh, I almost forgot about this post- my last day (and outfit) in the country...

On Labor day, we stuck around in the country  till lunch time then made the drive back home. Although I always love a weekend away, I have to agree with Olivia when she said "It will be good to be home again."

I wore another dress I've only worn once- this beautiful 1940s rayon dress. Pj says it looks like it's covered in cauliflower because of the print. I bought this dress for a few bucks because it had a huge rip right down the skirt front. It was probably a foot or more long but it was a quick 15 minute fix and now it's perfect!

I can't wait to go back to the country again in October when the leaves are changing

1940s dress- warehouse sale
straw souvenir Mexico bag- thrifted
maryjanes- thrifted
deadstock 1950s yellow ankle socks- antique mall


  1. I'm loving the yellow socks! :) And that bag- I've seen them before but never bought one. Now I might have to! We're heading up to our own place in the country later tonight for the weekend.

  2. Wow, really loving that dress - it looks terrific on you! Great "steal of a deal" there :)

  3. Loved your posts of your vacation. How was the water temperature in the river? The water looked pretty clear. When you go back please post more pictures...the horses are beautiful too!

    1. It was surprisingly pretty warm! It was a tiny bit chilly when we first got in but it was probably no colder than average pool water in the summer. We played in it for hours and hours and the kids never got a chill! I hope its warm enough to play again when we go back in October. You never know with Missouri! It can be hot as July and sunny or freezing cold on October :P The meramec is such a gorgeous river and is always very clear. The Missouri and Mississippi are very muddy. I think the rocky base helps with the clarity.

  4. Soo cute and girly! Love it. It looks really beautiful there too! xox

  5. Those mary janes are exquisite! Seriously, you look beyond adorable... and still very classy :)x

  6. I'm totally loving the socks with the shoes. I've been meaning to find an outfit like such. Beautiful woman!


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