Oh, I almost forgot about this post- my last day (and outfit) in the country...

On Labor day, we stuck around in the country  till lunch time then made the drive back home. Although I always love a weekend away, I have to agree with Olivia when she said "It will be good to be home again."

I wore another dress I've only worn once- this beautiful 1940s rayon dress. Pj says it looks like it's covered in cauliflower because of the print. I bought this dress for a few bucks because it had a huge rip right down the skirt front. It was probably a foot or more long but it was a quick 15 minute fix and now it's perfect!

I can't wait to go back to the country again in October when the leaves are changing

1940s dress- warehouse sale
straw souvenir Mexico bag- thrifted
maryjanes- thrifted
deadstock 1950s yellow ankle socks- antique mall