Vintage doesn't last forever


After a while of wearing vintage clothes, I started decorating the house in vintage too. I like the unique things that I find that you can't buy anymore, especially the strange and whimsical pieces.  I always worry that my husband likes things though. He doesn't wear vintage and I wouldn't want him too because it's not his style but he lives in our house and I hope he's just as comfy and happy here as I am!

He said he likes everything, he just worries that he'll break something and I'll get upset. I always tell him "Well, I could break something or the kids could break's just stuff!" and he says "yeah, but it's vintage and it's not like you can just go buy another one."

Every time I buy something, I know it probably won't last forever. I enjoy it while I have it and if tragedy strikes, it's just a thing and things can be replaced. Well, tragedy struck my house last week while Pj and I were tidying up the living room before bed. He tossed a shoe over to the shoe box but it went rogue and crashed into my kitty vase, taking its head right off! After seeing the headless kitty there was nothing I could do but laugh. I found some super glue and fixed it and sat it on my night stand looking not too bad for a wounded cat.

Just two days later, Pj and I were watching a movie and my Lady Sunbeam manicurist fell off a shelf, smashing my kitty into tiny bits. That poor kitty just wasn't meant to be! I'm pretty surprised at how kitty vase met its demise. It had been sitting on a side table in the living room for months. My two kids put crayons in the vase, played tug of war with it, filled it with Cheerios and somehow it never broke. I guess kitty's 9 lives were up.

I loved my kitty but I thought I'd find a suitably strange replacement some day. Then, this week, I got the email that ModCloth just launched their new line of  cute retro home decor and what do you know? Kitchy bizarre animals!!

Meow For Measuring Cups- as seen in Weight Watcher's Magazine

Paw me a Cup Tea Set in Cat

The Joey of Cooking Shaker Set

Two Lumps Please Sugar Dish  I think Pj would love this one. The man goes crazy for whacky puns!

Pup To Something Shaker Set

Myth Perfect Jewelry Holder

So there you go! It's always sad to lose a beloved vintage treasure but when the mourning is over, remember that makes room for something wonderful and new!

For more silly inspiration, check out my Pinterest board "Quirky Home"


  1. That's the biggest problem with vintage clothes and stuff.... I'm always a bit anxious when kids come at home...

  2. I feel the same way, because you don't love it, when it is standing in a closet. Use it and love it while it lives. Have a nice weekend. :)

  3. This is one reason I like making my own clothes rather than wearing a lot of vintage-I can always make another one if it dies! But I've also come to realize that it's not my job to run a museum and preserve every bit of vintage anything I come across. If it was going to end up at Goodwill or the dump anyways, and I gave it some new life for a while, that's good enough for me.

  4. I think you took it better than I would have! Im alwys worried I will break something or mess up furniture that I inherited from my granparents. I know its just stuff but I feel like they took such good care of it and so should I. I've got to get that Myth Jewelry Holder, it is FAB!!

  5. R.I.P. kitty-vase!
    Her life-span ended here.
    She was loved, she was usefull - and surely she made your space precious.
    Now that she is no longer among you, found the remedy in replacing it. :D

    Personaly, I'm fond of all kitchy bizarre things - animals included.


  6. I can never find a ring holder I like, I'm tempted by that crazy one! lol

    Sorry to hear about your kitty vase. I've had this happen too. The most recent was when out cat jumped up on a shelf and knocked down a vintage bookend, which fell onto a vintage tiki and broke a big chunk off. Super glue to the rescue. ;)

    Someday they'll be antiques... and some day they'll be gone. I figure it's worth enjoying vintage things as long as we're able!

  7. That is the one downfall of decorating in vintage. I always feel incredibly guilty when one of my vintage knick-knacks meets a similar fate of your Kitty vase. Most recently, I ran a newly acquired MINT set of 6 1940's "nudie" decal glasses through my dishwasher...ended up with 6 plain glasses...decals down the drain. At that moment, I felt like the biggest loser on the planet...those glasses had survived so many years, only to be murdered by me and my bone-headed moment of stupidity. But, I guess on the flip side, we who treasure and love things vintage more often give new life to old things, abandoned in thrift stores and estate sales, than take it. Rest in peace, Kitty Vase. I will keep my eye out for a replacement for you!

    1. oh no!! That's the most tragic story. I have also had those moments. My husband once put a 1930s knit skirt in the dryer. It came out so small it could have fit my daughter! *lol* He was so upset because he ruined it but again, I said "aw, honey! It's just a thing!"

  8. Oh poor kitty! You are brave to have anything out. Your kids are awesome about that stuff though. I think if I had stuff out it would all end up broken or lost somewhere in the house LOL I do love the replacements though!! Going to check it out now! xox

  9. That's a great attitude and approach to life. Nothing, no matter how much we love it, lasts forever it. It might manage to outlive us, but one day it will be gone. Losing, breaking or otherwise having a beloved item broken/stained/destroyed can be tough for sure, but it's not the end of the world thankfully, and when this kind of thing happens, I think back to the classic expression "there's no sense crying over spilled milk". What's done is done, best just to either mend (the item) or move on. There's always another treasure out there waiting to be added to our collections in place of the one that bit the dust.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I bought a gorgeous 3 tiered cake stand at auction and literally had it 2 weeks before I knocked a pillar candle off a shelf and smashed the middle plate! I was gutted but these things happen.


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