Last night, I curled up with Olivia and read her my favorite fairytale, Snow White and Rose Red. Not the Snow White of the 7 Dwarves variety but the girl who lives with her sister and takes in an injured bear who turns out to be a prince! When I was a little girl, my mom used to read Snow White and Rose Red to my sister and she'd say that I was Snow White and my little sister, Chelsea was Rose Red.

Snow White and Rose Red illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Here's some fashion inspiration for your modern fairy tale, all from ModCloth this week

First, two dresses in royal hues with bows and delicate details, which I always associate with the day dreaminess of being a girl. One red as a poisoned apple with an equally sweet peter pan collar, the other with a sweetheart bodice and ribbons down the front. At the foot are two perfect Princess shoes. Both ideal for the modern Cinderella. The first, a flat "glass slipper"  with bow embellishment. The second,  playful in its plastic Barbie-look with an over-sized heart.

 This summer, I've been teaching Olivia how to make flower crowns- as crowns are very important for a Princess's wardrobe. Here's a delicate crown that can be worn with your princess dresses or work wear

To finish off the look, a classic bitten apple necklace,  antique book wallet and  thick red buckled belt.

The steal of the week is....the polite and day red dress at $44.95