vintage plus size pin up casual fashion

Do you ever buy things and fall in love and wait several months to finally wear them? What's up with that? I did that to this vintage sweater, which was thrifted...oh..maybe in April? Poor thing was washed right away and sat in the closet unloved. I decided to put on my good "architectural support" as my funny hubby calls it and give it a whirl today.

I had planned on a pencil skirt but since I was just dashing to the grocery store and putting laundry away and such, I decided to try another unloved item- these high waist pants. 

I tend to stray away from short tops and high pants with the curve hugging thing going on because that lower belly of mine could use more pilates and less cheeseburgers. Some days, I feel sassy enough to go for it, though and today was such a day.

Speaking of sassy, how about my cute revolver brooch. I found this mini toy gun at an antique mall a few years ago and thought "I must make it a brooch!" A little JB Weld stick, a pin back and voila- a brooch! The little pin by the trigger can be pushed back and forth so the revolver opens!

So- archetectural support.  You think Christina Hendricks boobs are full of helium? Hell no! She wears one of these bad boys to get that great lift, shape and nipped in waist. Mine is this Exquisite Form Longline Bra Mine is white but they come in black too. I don't wear the long line bras often but when I wear a more form fitting dress or something like this knit top, they're fab!

Under the pants is my Leonisa vintage lace panty girdle , which I reviewed a few weeks ago and now you can see it in action!

vintage plus size pin up casual fashion