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This weekend, I worked on reorganizing my bedroom and thought I'd show you all one of my favorite spaces: my vanity.

This vanity table originally belonged to my grandma when she was a girl. She said it had roses painted on it ages ago. It looks like it also had a vanity skirt that opened to reveal the drawers and extra shoe space.

I keep my sewing machine in the green clothes hamper so this space doubles as a sewing area so I can do thrift store re-fashions, vintage repairs and whip up some creations of my own. I have a train case nearby with all of my sewing necessities.

The drawers hold my makeup, hair styling tools, gloves, scarves and some of my favorite comfy night gowns in the bottom drawer.

I wish I could keep lovely mirrored vanity trays and little jars of creams and powder but since I have two pairs of tiny hands who love to get into mommy's makeup, everything messy is protected with a drawer lock and pointy things are in the jewelry boxes. You can still see evidence of a break-in with the smudge of pink on the center makeup drawer from a demolished tube of lipstick. 

I found this vintage pink silk organizer at a thrift store for a quarter and it's the perfect size for my Bakelite bangle collection.

Two estate sale frames with quilt batting and pretty fabric hold some of my vintage brooches, making a beautiful display and freeing up space in the jewelry boxes.

vintage novelty brooch collection from Va-Voom Vintage
 brooch display organizer from Va-Voom Vintage
A celluloid necklace, Bakelite beads and 1940s plastic fruit charm bracelet- a gift from Bunny.

One of my favorite things to do when the kids are napping is sit in the quiet and organize my jewelry boxes. Sometimes I arrange them by color, material or era. Sometimes the sparkly ones go together and the plastic ones go together. Sometimes I organize them to make sure that all 3 boxes have a little dash of rhinestones, Bakelite, Lucite and novelty.


When it's just Olivia and I and the earring-eating beast is asleep, we sit and try them on and I stack my bangles up to her elbows and she does a "crazy dance" with her elbows flapping so they click and clack. 


  1. Your dressing area is amazing.......I wanted to do something similar to your 'brooches in a frame', but your idea is better :)
    I also wish I could fit everything into my dresser.....I think I have too much crap and I haven't sorted them in soooo long!
    You've inspired me to get sorting and get crafting.....

    Emma (Dear Thirty)

  2. So proud of you! It looks fabulous! I'm trying to figure out how to store what I have. The trickiest have been the handbags. Geesh those things can take up a lot of space lol xox

  3. I love all the pretty colorful jewelry!

  4. I love taking a look into other people's dressing/vanity space - yours is so organised! So many pretty items and so well presented.

  5. So cute! I was using my mom's old sewing cabinet with an art deco mirror I found. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring the cabinet with me when I moved across the country so I am on the lookout for something else. Your set-up gives me ideas though...

  6. The fact that you arrange your jewelry boxes takes me back to when I was a kid because that was my most favorite thing to do at my grandma's. She would let me go to her bedroom and get out her jewelry box and lay everything out on the bed. I would them organize it and put it back the box. Two of my most cherished possessions are their wedding bands and a pink leaf necklace with hot pink rhinestone that has a set of matching earrings. I think they are from the 40ies or 50ies and I used to think they were so glamorous. Thanks for bringing that memory back. ;0

  7. *Swoon* what a stellar jewelry collection you have! I love the diversity of pieces and rainbow of hues represented here (I too like a wide array of colours, styles, decades, etc in my jewelry). Having a vanity table (with mirror) has been a lifelong dream of mine, too, but alas so far we've never had a bedroom with enough room to accommodate it (or space elsewhere in the house where it would make sense for a vanity to be). One day, I just know, it will happen, and when it does, I will definitely take an inspiration cue from you, dear Brittany, and blog about my vanity.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I have coveted a vanity yours! but....the best of the pic is that blue jewelry mom's was just like that...i always thought it was amazing when my parents were going out and she would open that special box to choose the right piece to wear!! awesome memories you brought back :)

  9. I'm very inspired and more than a little jealous! ;)

  10. How lovely! I have always thought that vanities were one of the more beautiful parts of old homes in pictures, and I really wish they would come into vogue again. I love your frames full of pins... I'll have copy your idea once I move, mine are all piled up in a drawer right now.

  11. I love how you have everything organised! Looks lovely

  12. The jewelry box reminds me of my mothers. I use to sneak into her room and try on all her jewelry. I love those classic pieces.

  13. I keep staring at your brooches.. you have wonderfull collection: the color of the green ambrella is minty-perfect; the sparking fish, the bowling pins.. charming (in most wonderful way)

    Have a great day!

  14. What a lovely and feminine place you have. And now I've seen the photos. ;)

  15. My goodness! On that fifth pic--that mosaic pin next to the key! I have that pin! Any information on it would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!

    1. Oh! Is it the exact same? How neat! That brooch was given to me from my great grandma's collection after she passed away and I have a second in different floral pattern from my other great grandma. The only info that I have found about them so far is that they are called "Italian micro mosaic" here's a very good article on the history of micromosaic although it makes no mention of the age of these brooches:

    2. Exactly the same pattern, color, everything. Thank you so much. :) I loved the article. The pictures in it were amazing.


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