Va Voom Vintage St Louis Square Dancing Dress
This morning we had some errands to run and while stopping at a small neighborhood grocery store, I spotted signs for garage sales all over the place. I was almost able to contain myself when I saw a sign on the same street that I bought my 1950's china cabinet from last month.

 I remember going inside and seeing all kinds of kitchen pretties, vintage figurines and furniture that were being prepared for an estate sale in a few weeks so my heart skipped as I saw that the china cabinet house was now holding a garage sale!

 The first find was this funny vintage dress with a full skirt, red piping and a large Missouri patch with the words "St Louis" embroidered on it.

1940's V for Victory rhinestone brooch

What a strange dress, right? Well, I later found a pattern in a box of craft books for a square dancing dress so I'm guessing that this lady was a competition square dancer or something of that nature.

 I desperately wanted to get my hands on some of the glass figurines, of which I found a few!

vintage radio with retro dog and deer figurines

vintage kitty cat planter

 Also among the pretties was a box of craft books- mostly The Teddy Bear Review and other old lady craft books from the 80's but I did find three late 30's and early 40s quilt pattern books and two late 50's Christmas booklets. I will be scanning the books, especially the one on how to wrap presents to post for you here because there are some KILLER ribbon how-to's in this book and I must share it with you guys!

1930s quilting booklets and 1950s gift wrap ideas

 I also left with a vintage peachy lace shower curtain (background above) for my pink bathroom and a very pretty mid century bowl with lid. I've seen this pattern online before but now I can't seem to find it and there are no markings. Does anyone know what the pattern is?

vintage swiss alpine bowl with lid in blue

And finally, the most awesome thing to come into my house today was my little niece, Miss Junebug, born less than two weeks ago! She did a whole lot of snoozin' and being held and kissed by her cousin, Olivia.