Hey Doll! Issue 2


Hello everyone!

Hey Doll! Issue 2 is published and available for your reading pleasure. Check out my articles on how to tie a 1940's Snood Scarf and 5 Uses for Worn Vintage Tablecloths!

 We had some fantastic contributors this issue. Thank you  to all of you ladies
Liz Walker
Anna from Mrs Depew Vintage
Emily from My Vintage Visions
Shauna from Princess Pin Curls
Jessie from Confessions of a Housewife

We're already working on issue 3, our 1960's/Mad Men issue. If you would like to contribute an article, advertise your small business, blog or website or be featured in our Dolled Up section, email Bunny and I at and  check out the Hey Doll! Blog for information.

Click to view Issue Two: March {Spring Cleanig} on GLOSSI.COM


  1. A fab job ladies, I enjoyed the issue very much! I have an apron sewing project on the go that I must finish.

    P x

  2. Oh wow looks like I have a lot to catch up on after my absence from the blogging world, off to investigate!!

  3. Well, this has just made my Sunday morning perfect. I'm off to read it now, and thanks for sharing the contributor links, I'm always looking for more vintage blogs to follow.

  4. Good job, girls! I really love this snood scarf tutorial - I'm going to try this tomorrow :)

  5. Really enjoying this magazine--thanks for all the great content!

  6. Oh, how lovely!
    I really enjoyed reading this!

    And look; two full pages with musical-recommendations!! That's amazing! I am a musical fan deluxe. I simply love them; whether it's watching or singing them. Both newer and older.
    On older ones, heard of "Anything Goes"? Wonderful 50's musical, written partially by Wodehouse, it's hilarious. Or "Kismet"? I'm not sure exactly what it's about; I've only heard it, but it has some fabulous music. I think the oldest actual musical I've been able to find, is "Sunny - A Musical Comedy" from 1926. It's so sweet!

    Ahem....Ok, I'm rambling. Sorry, I'll stop now.

  7. I love it! I know I'll be going back & re reading it all month. GREAT job, ladies!

  8. Fabulous! Love it! So much inspiration!

  9. You ladies are doing such absolutely stellar work with the magazine! I'm sick as a dog with a bad (!) flu at the moment, and can't wait to pour through every last page and image of issue 2 to help brighten my day.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Hey, I've started a new weekly post on my blog, and the first one is about scarves! Love your blog Brittany, big inspiration!

  11. Bunny and Brittany - I scould you! You are a pair of really bad girls, you have hust stolen several hours of my time with your fabulous magazine! :) Great job, I truly love it and would gladly pay for it. Can't wait for the next issue.


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