how to tie a 1940s scarf turban
Or as my husband, Pj always says "I get the blonde and the one in the toybin!"

Well, I had planned to continue my sculpture pin curl posts but the past week has been too crazy and my hair was in dire need of a root touch up. I did the bleaching yesterday and got caught up with laundry so while my hair is bright yellow today, I thought I'd do a cute turban to cover it until I can complete my dye job this evening.

It's summer, hot, humid and I will be wearing a lot of turbans in the coming months. I adore those huge colorful fabric turbans of Africa and the Caribbean and wanted to find something like that. Solanah of Vixen Vintage wrote a beautiful tutorial for an easy, voluminous turban using 3 scarves so I did that one today. I love it so much, I think this one will be my go-to this summer. Thank you, Solanah!

how to tie a 1940s scarf turban
                       See some other ways that I like to tie scarves on my tutorials in the navigation above.

Today I also wore my vintage/handmade diamond dress. It started out as a green 50's dress that was way too tight in the bust so I cut off the skirt and made a new bodice with this cute vintage fabric. See this dress again from my previous post.

vintage plastic heart broochred and green bakelite bracelets from Va-Voom Vintage blog

1940s novelty print dress and truban head scarf with bakelite bracelets plus size retro style from va-voom vintage blog

50's diamond dress- vintage/handmade
vintage scarves-thrifted
assorted bakelite bracelets
40's celluloid heart brooch-ebay
40's repro rug cutter wedges-Aris Allen