I saw this on facebook a few days ago and it struck me as a very important message that I need to share:

image from whirlygigagogo

I started this blog for "curvy" girls like me who have a hard time dressing their body types. Over the past few years, I have been an advocate for loving your body and embracing your curves. I love the look of a curvy shape and I've been a defender of the plus size gal for ages.

For a while now, I've seen these "when did this become hotter than this" posts all over the internet and it bothers me. Although I have stood up for the big booty, seeing the slender gal getting picked on isn't okay!  The "real women have curves" motto is just as damaging as the idea that women have to be thin to be beautiful. Butt fat is not a measure of beauty or womanhood. Isn't it hard enough being a girl in the world without our sisters judging our waist size?

Some women were born to be curvy and others were born to be thin. Some of us have medical issues that impact our size and some have had surgery to reduce size or excess skin after weight loss. Some skinny gals wear padded bras while some curvy ones wear waist cinchers. Do any of those factors make that woman less "real" than the next?

Let's all join together as sisters and embrace true beauty and womanhood in all of its shapes and sizes. While the ideal of female beauty has changed over time, the fact is, you are all beautiful, real women. Spread the love today and send a compliment to a fellow sister just to let her know that she is lovely too!