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Well, hot dog! I just have to brag a bit about my awesome fabric deal. We went to pick up some buttons and I found some gorgeous tiki print rayon fabric on sale for 70% off. I asked for 5 yards or the whole bolt if there was going to be a remnant. I hate to leave remnants behind because they have to deal with rolling it up, pricing it and all of that. So, the gal behind the cutting counter said "How 'bout you get 4 yards and then you can have the last two for half off the clearance price as a remnant and that remaining 7 inches....what seven inches? I'll just leave it on there for you." Wow, really?! So, I ran off with 6 yards 7 inches of this rayon challis for $15. Thank you, nice lady!

For years, I've wanted to make a tiki dress but haven't found the right  fabric for the right price. Today was my lucky day! I'm going to make a dress, matching bolero and little dress for Olivia if I have enough extra. Here's some tiki inspiration........

Wear It Again Sam

 Couture Allure
 Lulu's Vintage

 Posh Girl Vintage
I will probably draft the skirt on my own, but I'm checking out these patterns from Mrs Depew for the top.

1950's Beach Bra

French draped blouse

1950's Beach Bustier
I've been sewing like crazy this week but when my Wearing History sailor playsuit is finished, this will be my next project. What's on your sewing or craft table?

*Disclosure: Mrs. Depew is a sponsor of Va-Voom Vintage*