1940s plus size pants swing trousers from Heyday

After many of you expressed interest in my Heyday trousers, I thought I'd talk a little bit about how I chose the right size for my shape. 

 I am always worried about fitting pants because of my curvy figure. I have a 35.5 inch waist, 46.5 inch hip, belly pooch and junk in the trunk. Heyday's models are all gorgeous, physically fit ladies so I wasn't sure if they would be a good fit for someone with my shape. Fitting pants is always a challenge because our bodies are all different.

 The Heyday site advises to go by your hip measurement because the waist can always be taken in or let out by a seamstress. 
size chart from the Heyday website
My current hip measurement is 46.5 inches and waist is 35.5. Although my waist size falls between the size 16 and 18, my hip is half an inch bigger than the size 18. I went up to the size 20 so I'd have enough room for hips and butt. It's always best to have plenty of room in the hip because you can alter the waist if needed.

How to Measure your Body
To measure your waist, measure around the smallest part of your mid-section, not around your belly button. Your natural waist is actually a few inches above your belly button.
1940s plus size pants for casual vintage fashion 

 To Measure your hip- measure the widest part, which is a few inches below your belly button (See the first image above). When measuring, make sure that you are breathing normally and standing straight for the most accurate measurement. Hold the measuring tape firmly but not tight while taking your measurements.
Waist- Heyday trousers are generously cut to allow for adjustment. My size 20 trousers have enough seam allowance in the waist to be let out an extra few inches, if needed.

Length- The leg length on all of their trousers is 31.5 inches so if you're tall like me (I'm 5'7), you don't have to worry about high-waters. If you're shorter, the hem can be easily adjusted at home or by a seamstress.

Tricks for Trousers
My main worry about these (and any) high waist trousers is my mom belly. I was curvy to begin with but after having two kids in the past 2 1/2 years, that lower belly area certainly hasn't gotten any better. My trick are high waist panties with a little bit of belly support or if you need more support, a pantie girdle or Spanx. Granny panties are a curvy gal's best friend. I wear mine every day and they are wonderful. They give you a little nip in at the natural waist, smooth out any lumpy areas and create a smooth foundation for any form fitting garments.  I buy mine at Target, next to the shape wear.
1940s plus size pants for casual vintage fashion

One of my favorite points of the Heyday trousers are the darts at the front and back, which create a flat surface and smooth line across the belly and rear. Bless them for those fabulous darts! A wide leg trouser of any kind is a flattering fit for someone with a large hip or waistline. That illusion of thickness at the lower leg balances out the wide middle and these high waist trousers create a fantastic curve at the hip and definition of the waist.

If you order the wrong size, most purchases are easily exchanged.  Before placing your order, See Heyday's Shipping and Return policies for details.

Anyway, I hope that helps you ladies out when ordering your Heyday trousers. They really are fantastic pants and I hope you love yours as much as I do! Do any of you gals have a pair? Tell me all about them!

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