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This week's Friday Fashionista had effortless style, rare beauty and the best hair in the history of the planet (at least I think so!) She was a model, actress and dancer....Rita Hayworth!

The Lady
Margarita Carmen Cansino was born in Brooklyn  on October 17, 1918. Her parents were both dancers and enrolled Rita in classes when she was very young. Due to her dancing, she got her first feature in the short film, La Fiesta when she was eight. Her father took Rita with him to Hollywood to make her a dancing star but the Great Depression killed his business. Since Rita was too young to perform in night clubs in California, he took her to Tijuana, Mexico, where they performed under the name "The Dancing Cansinos". She had a few small roles in films throughout her dancing years but when the dance act was noticed by an executive from Fox, he signed her on for a 6 month movie contract.

Through small roles with Fox and Columbia Pictures, Rita was type-cast as an exotic foreigner but Columbia Pictures soon decided that she needed to change her look. She dyed her hair red, re-shaped her brows and raised her hairline. She began using the name "Hayworth" from her mother's maiden name "Haworth"

The Legend

In 1941, her photo appeared in Life Magazine, making her one of the top pin up girls of World War II, second only to Betty Grable.

In '46, she appeared in her legendary title role, Gilda as the alluring femme fatale. Her song and dance number in the slinky black dress caused quite a stir,

Rita worked as a model for Max Factor, throughout the 40's, promoting their classic Pan-Stick makeup and Tru-Color lipsticks.  The Artists League of America voted her lips "best in the world" in 1949
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 Get The Look
 Rita was known for her wavy red locks, satin gowns and glamorous style but while she was relaxing, she wore
peasant blouses and circle skirts, funky shoes and typical 40's day wear