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 The Lady
Mamie Doud was born on November 14, 1896 in Boone, Iowa. her father made his success in the meat packing business. Throughout her childhood, he showered her and her sisters with fineries. Mamie attended public school in Denver, Colorado, followed by finishing school at the high class Miss Wolcott's. For the health of her mother and sister, Mamie's family spent winters in the warm climate of San Antonio, Texas. It was there, in 1915 when she met Ike Eisenhower, a very handsome Lieutenant.They were engaged 4 months later and married 5 months after that. Although Mamie was used to ordering servants around, she became an army wife, traveling the world, living on base with her husband until World War II. During the war, Mamie was very active in volunteer work and charity. She had two sons, "Little Icky" and "Johnny". Little Icky died of scarlet fever at the age of three and Johnny became a student at West Point. 

Mamie was so well known for her graciousness that the family's military homes became known as "Club Eisenhower". She was a kind hearted, genuine woman who cared deeply for her loved ones. She took great care to maintain her appearance with the grace and elegance of a high class lady. 
mamie eisenhower 1950s fashion
Ike and Mamie- 1945
The Legend
 Mamie Eisenhower became the 34th First Lady of the United States in 1953. On the same day of the inauguration, Joan Olander signed her contract with Universal Studios and became named "Mamie Van Doren" after the new first lady. 

mamie eisenhower 1950s fashion

Mamie Eisenhower was the embodiment of the perfect 1950's wife.  She viewed her job as First Lady as a simple one. She was the hostess of her home, a wife and mother.While other First Ladies had an agenda such as charity or fighting drug abuse, Mamie Eisenhower's only duty was to take care of her home and her family. Although she was a grandmother, she dressed the part of a youthful, beautiful woman. 
mamie eisenhower 1950s fashion
Just an average 50's housewife, taking inventory of the basement pantry...but always in style!
"Eisenhower followed her husband's lead in using a "hidden hand" approach to make her opinions known. The first lady never spoke openly about her views on integration but made her point by being an honorary member of the National Council of Negro Women, inviting Mahalia Jackson to perform at one of her birthday celebrations and making sure the 4-H Club Camp for Negro Boys and Girls were included in special tours of the White House."- from cjonline.com

mamie eisenhower 1950s fashion

 Get the Look 
 Mamie Eisenhower was all about pink! Her famous inaugural gown was pink, covered in 2,000 rhinestones. During the Eisenhower administration, the White House was called "The Pink Palace because the First Lady decorated the presidential bedroom completely in pink. Ike must have been a saint of a husband to put up with all of that pink! Mamie was so loved by American women that they followed her lead and wanted pink bathrooms, kitchens and more so the rosy shade was named "Mamie Pink". Her short, curly fringe became known as "Mamie bangs"

mamie eisenhower 1950s fashion pink gown

Mamie loved classic accessories such as cheerful hats, dainty earrings and brooches, pearls and white gloves. She was always on the lists for "Best Dressed" and "Most Admired"