1940s date maker cardigan and heyday vintage clothing swing trousers

plus size 1940s trousers and victory rolls
Loving my new trousers from Heyday
 It's date night again and this week is much needed. The kids have been crazy this week!!
 Some date nights we go out for dinner, movies, fun with friends without little ones but sometimes, we like to grab some food and go back home to veg out and enjoy the quiet. This is one of those quiet, relaxing "dates".

 Today, I wore my 1940's date maker cardigan that I knitted all by myself! I'm so proud of it, as it's my first knitting project. I first saw the pattern at By Gum by Golly and fell in love but when I saw how gorgeous it is all knitted up at Tickety Boo Tupney, I had to make one too! It took me about a month and a half to complete. I love it so much, I will eventually knit a another in a different color. The weather in St Louis is getting too warm for chunky knits but you will be seeing a lot of this cardigan in the fall. Thank you SO much to Tasha for posting this amazing pattern!
1940s date makers cardigan and victory rolls
check out that lovely "V" shape down the sleeve

 I chose this mustard yarn (Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand) because I love mustard but it's hard to find pre-made cardigans in the odd color. Since it was my first project, I wanted a decent but cheap yarn in case I decided to give up on knitting, like I have done so many times in the past.  I really love the details of this knit. The diagonal rib, forming the "V" in the back, the belt and crocheted buckle all really make this cardigan special.
1940s date maker knitted cardigan and victory roll updo
hair tutorial coming this weekend!!
  Last time I wore it, I paired it with a navy skirt . Since it's a casual date night, I wore it with my new Heyday swing trousers and vintage white button-up blouse. I practically live in these trousers. They are incredibly comfortable, fit beautifully and great to wear while romping with my babes
1940s style swing trousers plus size from heyday vintage clothing
Getting tackled and ticked by Rhys-beast, the diaper butt man
1940s plus size pants and free knitting pattern for 1946 date maker cardigan

vintage blouse- estate sale
1940's date maker cardigan-knitted by me!!
1940's style swing trousers- Heyday Vintage Clothing
1940's repro Rug Cutter wedges-Aris Allen (Dancestore.com)
vintage fabric hair bow- Jack's Daughter

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