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Curled up with my new Nook Tablet
I was thrifting with Amanda on Wednesday night when I found this awful, frilly gown. So many frills. But I couldn't resist. Its so warm and comfy. Of course, when I showed it to Pj, he shuddered so I call it "The Man Repellant". Mine has an over-sized, quilted, embroidered yoke, zip up the front, frilly cuffs and general sack-like appearance.  Its ugly but snuggly. I love it!

I really want to make a few 40's nightgowns.  I really love girly prints, ruffles, frills and shirring. I've been some pretty floral print flannel and cozy, flannel-backed satin that would be perfect for these!

If you want something a little sexier, you really can't go wrong with these PDF patterns from La Prairie Lady on etsy


  1. Omg arent you a cutie pie! You look so snuggly! I love it actually-I would totally wear that. I used to wear similar ones when I was little LOL Oh that granny of mine LOL And my mom would make gowns for me as well. Gosh its been so long since I wore one LOL I love all the patterns minus the midrift one-those are for the girls without kids LOL Love the post! xox

  2. LOL! All us married gals need some man repellent once in a while ;) Mine is a quilted bed jacket...

  3. These night gowns are so beautiful they could be worn as dresses! You look so lovely and cosey in your night gown.



  4. These patterns are so cute my husband might not hate them ;) I have a soft spot for "granny nighties". The Man always says I look like the wolf in grandmas clothing from Little Red Riding Hood.

  5. HEHE! Glad to know Im not the only one with man repellant! LOL :P

  6. I need some too! And dressing gowns! In fact, my whole nightwear department need a serious overhaul!

  7. Beautiful gowns! I'll pick snuggly over sexy but cold and uncomfortable any day!! Sorry hubby xx

  8. those patterns are wonderful! I too have a granny style nightie and I am proud to wear it every night because it's the best thing I have ever worn to bed! I think next time I will try to make my own.

  9. Guys just don't understand comfort.... and it does not look ugly IMO. It looks cute as a button. But on another note, congrats on the Nook Tablet! I'm a Nook lover myself. (I've got the 1st Edition Nook) They are wonderful, wonderful devices.

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