5 Minutes to a Fresh, Young Face Even When You're Exhausted


Housework, family, holiday preparations and lack of sleep are really getting to a lot of hard working ladies out there so I thought I'd share my quick, easy ways to look fresh, younger and more awake even when you're not. No expensive or difficult products, no heavy caked-on makeup. This whole thing takes 5 minutes or less!


1. Smooth on a bit of moisturizer and begin by concealing dark circles and imperfections.

 I use Covergirl Invisible Concealer. When my eyes are looking really dark and tired, I apply it to my entire eye lid, making sure to cover all dark areas and blend well. I use my fingers but you can use a slightly damp makeup sponge or concealer brush also. Finish off with a light dusting of translucent powder

2.Next, apply a very light blush. A lot of ladies think that blush makes you look older but a little color makes the face really glow. I'm pretty pale so I like a peachy pink. A cream blush applied under your foundation will create the appearance of a natural blush coming from within. Look for something that will be subtle on your skin. 

3. Now for the eyes. Sweep a neutral shadow (such as taupe, cream or brown) on the entire lid up to the brow bone. Highlight just under your brow with a white shadow.

4.My new secret weapon for tired eyes is a white eyeliner.

I didn't believe it when I first heard of it but now, I dont leave the house without it. If white isn't your thing, you can experiment with any light colored or skin tone liner. Finish the eyes with a lengthening mascara. I really love volumizing mascara for drama but it does add the appearance of weight to already tired eyes. One coat of lengthening mascara makes a big difference.
I'm currently loving NYC lengthening Sky Rise Mascara- $3 at Target. You can also curl your lashes to give the appearance of a bigger, more awake eye. My lashes are too long to curl without looking silly so I skip it.

5.The final step is on the lips. I love my red lipstick but it does make the face look older and lips look smaller.  On exhausted days when you just aren't feeling the red, try something more casual. My favorite off-day lipstick is coral but wine, berry or pink shades are also good options to play with. If you love your lips as-is,  slick on a moisturizing lip balm for a youthful, fresh look.

That's all there is to it! Not ultra-glamorous but good for a quick trip to the grocery store, running late for work or just a regular day at home.


  1. Very beautiful natural look! Love it!:D

  2. Highlighting under the brow and using a white pencil are tricks I've discovered only recently and both work brilliantly. Great post and a lovely look!

  3. I love it-easy to do and great for those super busy days..ugh everyday? LOL xox

  4. Oooh - white eyeliner - I shall have to investigate :)

  5. White eyeliner is magical! It also looks amazing applied right in your Cupid's bow, the little dip below your nose and above your lip.

    Mascara, or even just curling your eyelashes, will also make your eyes look wider and more awake. I use these tricks all the time!

  6. I think this is the first time we've seen you non-vintage!

  7. I usually throw on lip stain and some lip balm everyday. Makes me feel so much more awake, plus seems to stay longer than regular lip gloss/lip stick cause I tend to lick it off my lips. I need to get a lighter shade though cause the one I have is a little dark and I tend to look like Snow White the majority of the time. LOL.


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