Earlier this week, my sister, Chelsea came over to make fudge, cookies and other holiday treats to give as gifts. We made a big mess of ourselves and the kitchen but we had a blast. We both wore vintage aprons. Hers has the prettiest scalloped floral detail and mine is embroidered with our Great Grandma's name, Alma.

We made Chelsea's fudge recipe, Hello Dollies, Snowman Poop and wonky looking buck-eyes. We used the buckeye recipe, but substituted 1/2 cup of peanut butter for Nutella. Instead of dipping them like buckeyes, Chel decided to just dunk the peanut butter balls completely Yum!!


 We all had a little too much chocolate but it was so yummy. We screwed up the fudge but Pj got home from work just in time to bail us out and make a fresh batch.

 Olivia loves to take pictures. I have word that Santa will be bringing her a camera of her very own for Christmas this year!