Cranberry Mint


vintage cherry brooch
 Have you planned your holiday outfit yet? If you're tired of the same red and green, try pairing unique shades of red and green with another unexpected color.

plus size 1940s vintage fashion with vintage hat, red t strap shoes via Va-Voom Vintage

Today,  I experimented with cranberry and mint with navy and I'm loving the effect. It's festive enough for the holidays and translates well into different seasons.

 We went to Bass Pro to take the kids to see Santa or "Chem-a" as Olivia calls him. Olivia was excited at first but that didn't last. As soon as the flash went off, Rhys started to cry, which made Olivia cry. They looked pretty freaked out in the picture but we got them both to look at the camera so that's pretty miraculous! Considering that this was our first Santa visit, I think it went pretty well. I snapped the beginning of the big melt down after the flash went off.

 After Santa, Olivia rode the carousel with her Daddy while Rhys and I watched. She was in absolute heaven!

 Rhys looked so adorable in his little outfit, a shower gift from his Aunt Amanda. Olivia's Christmas dress was from Costco earlier this year.



Navy a-line skirt- thrifted
vintage hat- antique mal
navy tie neck blouse-The BaleOut
mint cardigan-thrifted, Salvation Army
shoes- Amerimark
30's rhinestone earrings-garage sale
cherry dress clip-antique shop in Springfield, MO
purse-thrifted, Salvation Army


  1. I love the way you made it all work and love the color cranberry and those shoes are super nice-were they comfy? The kids looked so beautiful and Rhys is becoming such a big boy! xox

  2. Your outfit is so lovely, it's extremely becoming on you! And your children are adorable! I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I Love your outfit, you have such a good eye for mixing and matching.

    I cannot believe how grown up your little man is!

  4. Love your outfit.. Love the cranberry with the green.. Your children are adorable.. Love the Santa pictures..

  5. adore the brooch. adorable family as well. your boy looks so cute in a vest, and that dress is so cute.

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!! As do your little ones, of course. That's one of my favorite color combinations, cranberry & mint/teal/navy. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas! xx

  7. That is such a great combination! I will have to give it a whirl! Thanks for the great idea, love!



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