Red Lips and Blue Bakelite


1960s nylon plus size vintage dress via Va-Voom Vintage

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my last holiday outfit post! Since everyone really wants a tutorial for that skirt, I will make that my first sewing tutorial priority. I have a lot of beauty tutorials in the works but that one will be here soon!!

Yesterday afternoon, I made my very first makeup counter purchase. can you believe that I'm 26 and have only ever used drug store brands? Well, the MAC counter at Macy's has been calling me for a while so I took my Christmas money and had a little splurge. It was between Ruby Woo, Ladybug and Russian Red. I liked the color of Ladybug but loved the deep blue-red of the Russian Red.

Since I began the day by trying something new, I thought "why stop now, let's have some Bubble Tea!"
This is milk and honey iced bubble tea with tapioca pearls. It was interesting to say the least. I still can't decide if I liked it or not. Sucking up gummy green tea flavored balls in my milky sweet iced drink was kind of gnarly.

 We took the kids to the butterfly house after pitching the last half of my gummy bubble tea. Olivia was a little horrified of the tons of flying bugs but by the end, she kind of liked it. I had a huge butterfly try to land on my face. I guess it was trying to get to my new red lips!

On the way home, we made a stop at an antique mall, where I found a blue bakelite spacer bangle. I've wanted some blue bakelite for ages but haven't found any for the right price until yesterday. Also on my vintage wish list was a celluloid flower necklace, which was right next to the bakelite.

blue bakelite bangle bracelet and red celluloid vintage flower necklave from Va-Voom Vintage
Check out my new vintage dress! I found it at a local thrift store for a song and at first glace, didn't think it was vintage. I really like the kind of modern print. the fabric is slinky and comfortable and I paired it with some yellow to brighten it up. Also, in the spirit of trying new things, I tried a new 1940's hairstyle with braids and a scarf. It was so easy and quick. I'll have a how-to post for this hairstyle as well!

50's dress-thrifted, salvation army
yellow cardigan-thrifted, salvation army
black flats-target
yellow bangle and scarf- thrifted, St. Vincent de Paul
necklace-inherited from greta grandma Alma


  1. Hi.
    One question: between Russian Red and Rubi Woo, which one is the darkest? I bought Sephora´s Hot Tango, and it is a bit "orangy", very light. I wish I could get another a bit darker...

  2. LOVE that color combo on you-LOVE! And Olivia is wearing the outfit heheh yeah! xox

  3. the russian red is darker. Ruby woo looked a little on the orange side. Still pretty but the blue undertones in Russian Red looked much prettier!!

  4. Love your outfit and of course, your lip colour! Butterfly house looks like fun!

  5. Cute outfit! I am 32 and still don't own any Mac, one day...

  6. Having failed miserably to get on with Ruby Woo (waaaay too drying) I am now a convert to Russian Red. I don't know what the difference is with the formula - but there *is* one.

    Love the whole outfit - it's a grim day here in Blighty - so the yellow in your outfit has cheered me no end :)

  7. Russian Red is my fave! When I bought it, they told me it was made famous by Madonna back when she wore it on the Blonde Ambition tour.

  8. Love the blue bangle and that hairstyle is fabulous! I can't wait to see the tutorial!

  9. You look so cute! I love both Ruby Woo and Russian Red, they are so great. Glad you splurged, MAC's lipsticks are wonderful.


  10. Thank you! So I guess Ruby Woo is the equivalent to Sephora´s Hot Tango, lol. I still don´t have any MAC lipstick.. one day... ;)
    Happy New Year by the way. Kiss Kiss

  11. I also own Russian Red, but I don't like to wear it since it so dry. I've tried with a little dab of Russian Red lipgloss over it (just in the middle), but still - I don't think it is comfortable. Do you know that it is Dita von Teese's favourite lipstick? :)

  12. Sanne, after wearing it for a few days, I totally agree- very waxy and drying :( I also tried to put some lip balm over the top but it just caused all of that pigment to smudge and I looked like a clown. It's a gorgeous color but I'm not wild about the feel of it either. I wonder if it really is Dita's favorite or if she was paid to say that? LOL! I much prefer my cheap Maybelline 18 hour stuff.

  13. Maybelline makes great lipsticks, some of my favourites come from that brand. I don't know what to do with my Mac lipstick. It was quite expensive, has a lovely colour, but I don't like to wear it. Perhaps you could make a post about such things and perhaps your lovely readers would come with suggestions. Make do and mend style. I hate to discard things that should be used.

  14. Its funny that you say that because I have to find something to do with my mac. My daughter got ahold of it the other day and demolished about 1/4 of the tube! Hahaa! I will probably melt it down and mix it with a more moisturizing red to see what happens. I hope to do a post comparing some of my favorite lipsticks soon.I do love the color and if it werent for the feel, Id probably wear it every day! Have you tried any other mac lipsticks? I know that most matte lipsticks tend to be drying. I wonder if ladybug is any better since it has a more sheer finish? I really wish I would have been able to try them before I spent so much on them!:(

  15. I think my next big lipstick purchase will be a MAC Red lipstick. I love the quality and already have two. I'm ready for another!

  16. I've also thought about melting it with a greasy lipbalm since I also love the colour. Last year I finally found the perfect red lipstick (I've searched for about 30 years!). It is from Oriflame, a triple core lipstick and the colour is a Valentine's special called "Love Red". It was a one shot, so I bought three and put two of them in the fridge. It feels like a lipbalm, it lasts without feathering and the colour is perfect for me. I truly recommend it, but I am not sure if you can buy it in the US. I found this site, just to show you, but I don't know anything about the website:
    Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)


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