1950s novelty christmas reindeer circle skirt Christmas pinup via va-Voom Vintage

This is my final holiday outfit for 2011!
Christmas day was wonderful! We woke up and watched our babies open their presents and play for a few hours. That's me- what I really look like!

Olivia loved her little train set and 'Lil Woodsies house. She yelled "Chooo-chooo!!" and "House!" when she opened them.  Rhys got a lot of little cars, animals and musical toys but was more interested in irritating Olivia than playing with his toys. She yells "Beeeeets!" (that's Olivia speak for Rhys) when he gets on her nerves, which I think is hilarious

In the afternoon, we went to Marmar's house. She lives in the most adorable 50's ranch house with a lot of the same furniture and decor that she's had for years.

We opened presents, visited and after everyone ate, mom and I pitched in with the clean-up. I always find myself cooking or cleaning in the kitchen on holidays so I pack an apron in my diaper bag to avoid messing up my holiday outfits. On Christmas, I got to wear my 1950's 12 days of Christmas apron.  While washing dishes with mom, she said "You're like a helpful,  little Betty Draper today...only much nicer!" Which made me look at her like this: 

1950s novelty christmas reindeer circle skirt via va-Voom Vintage

I made my skirt especially for Christmas. It has little 50's felt reindeer and a sleigh on it. I based the design on this Santa and reindeer that my grandma had when she was a girl. I loved playing with this thing when I was a kid so last year, my mom passed it on to me for my children to enjoy.  I think I will add a Santa, reins and some sequins to my skirt at a later date.

1950s novelty christmas reindeer circle skirt via va-Voom Vintage

circle skirt-handmade by me
red sweater- thrifted
50's necklace, earrings and brooch-inherited from great grandma
red and green bakelite bracelets- Christmas gifts from Pj and Amanda last year.
petticoat- estate sale