St. Jan de Paul and the Thrift Store Haul


1960s yellow winter coat and yellow hat plus size retro fashion via Va-Voom Vintage

Thursday night, Pj and I went out for our weekly date night. Applebees for dinner and a little pit stop to the St Vincent de Paul thrift store.

My lady, Jan was working. After a few years of regular shopping, she remembers the kids and I. She usually brings some vintage out from the back room for us when she has it. She gives us good deals and lets me sit on the couches and feed Rhys when he gets cranky. That Jan is a real doll and the thrift store is like home when she's working!

Wpoked around for a short while. I found a much needed green cardigan and really cute bright yellow coat to perk me up during my seasonal depression this winter. Oh, look- bonus vintage , unwashed hanky- eewwww! (p.s. new hat from Brenda Sue's birthday shopping trip last week)

I also found this gorgeous green vintage laundry hamper.

Check out those sparkly handles!! My vanity is green and so are many of my bedroom decorations so this was perfect for me.

newly sewn dress- to be posted about again soon!

At the register, Jan said "Did you see the 50's table and chair set over there?"
and I said "What?! no!' she took us over to it and I fell in love.
"How much?" I asked.
She replied "For you...$20."
and without skipping a beat, I said "Sold! Pj, we cannot leave tonight without this!"

Of course, I didn't consider the fact that I drive an Oldsmobile Alero...and I had a double stroller in the trunk and car seats in the back.

Jan said "well, you can always strap it to the roof of your car!"
She brought out a blanket and some string and Pj did the dirty work. I'm really impressed with his boy scout knot skills.

He packed 3 chairs and a hamper in the back seat and tied the table to the roof. The whole haul for $33. We made it home safely and the table and chairs are perfect in my dining space! Thank you to Jan for the great deal and to Pj for being such a good sport!

dining/sewing table


  1. Oh wow you scored big time.
    I have that green hamper but the handles on mine are just brass not sparkley amazingness!
    Everything you got is lovely.

  2. hahaha...You bring back memories of me and my little VW Cabrio and the many times I drove around with the top down in cold weather just so I could fit vintage finds into my car so I could take them home!


  3. Wow what a cool lady you have,and what a great man to pack that on the roof for you.I love Green so that hamper has me a bit hamper envious.

  4. Love that table! I admit, I am a little jealous! I need to get out and go thrifting again, very soon!

  5. That is truly an unbelievable deal. In California, you'd be lucky to make it out for under $333!!! - even at a thrift store. I guess it is time to move to Missouri! Congratulations on the great finds!

  6. HUGE score-hahah love it! I say the same thing when I find something that I know we have to leave with-"its sold" hehehe Great post! xox

  7. Great scores and love the sparkly handles on the hamper!

  8. What a score on that table! I need, need, NEED a dinette set, but they are always such high prices!

  9. Awesome! I wish I had a Jan in my life!! x

  10. Your man is amazing, not only do you go thrifting on a date but he found a way to get your goods home! What a rockstar. You look darling in the lemon coat too, I rock colorful coats during Chicago winters to cheer myself up (I have vintage yellow, orange and red coats).

  11. yes, Pj is a saint! I think I irritated him by bringing home a table when we already had a perfectly good table. I said "but honey, it's such a good deal" He went along with it anyway. Such a sweetheart!!

  12. I tried commenting lastnight it would not work for the life of me.
    I ADORE your yellow jacket to bits!
    And I have the same laundry hamper but mine only have brass round handles not lovely ones like yours... Sparkley is more fun.

    The table and chairs for $20.00? It would be a miracle to get that around here for that price.


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