Pin Up Girl and Pun'kins


Yesterday, I met Leah for another fantastic photo shoot. We went to a really big, wonderful pumpkin patch for some vintage Halloween pin-up inspired photos. We both brought our kmunchkins and husbands along and all had a blast! Leah is working on the photos from our shoot and when they're ready, I'll show them to you! Here are some scenes from the day...

Girl, you better check yourself...before you wreck yourself!

Here I am...rockin' a tablecloth! I wore my 50's swimsuit for many of our pin up shots but running around all day, in public in a swimsuit was a bit odd. I brought a black, circle table cloth along as a prop/ faux skirt for some of the shots and wore it all day as a wrap skirt. Silly but it worked!


  1. I'm flabbergasted by the pumpkin hill. It looks awesome! It makes me wish I lived in a Halloween-crazed country.

  2. It was so awesome! This pumpkin patch is one of the best in the St Louis area. They had two pumpkin hills and piles upon piles of pumpkins and gourds everywhere- it's amazing!!

  3. Wow, that's more of a pumpkin mountain than a pumpkin patch. You don't do things by halves in America!
    And I admire you're ingenuity regarding the skirt.

  4. FABULOUS photos! What an amazing pumpkin patch! You all look great!

  5. I love the pumpkin hill!Fantastic!

  6. Oh my goodness! Rhys is absolutely adorable peeking out of that witch hat! Love it!

    Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  7. those pumpkins look amazing, we just don't get anything like that here in the uk! I look forward to seeing the photos!

  8. I love the pics of the kids in the pumpkin patch, only you could rock a tablecloth like that, can't wait to see the witchy vintage shots you got!

  9. Awww what a lovely day spent out with the family-love the fall bc of those activities you can do :)

  10. I love the "punkin tree" such a cute idea. Can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot!


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