This style is a bit more time consuming than yesterday's post but is very 1940's and looks fantastic if you have a little time to spare.
 You will need:
 a curling iron or hot rollers
 bobby pins
 a brush
 hair spray

*tip*- my hair won't curl for anything so I spray in some diluted Lottabody setting lotion (from Sally Beauty Supply) then blow dry completely. The Lottabody helps my hair to keep a curl when using hot rollers or a curling iron.*

 To start, section your fringe off from the edge of your eyebrows back about an inch and a half. Pin it out of the way:

 If you hair hair is straight, set the remaining hair in hot rollers or curl with a curling iron and pin it out of your way. I used hot rollers and hot sticks in mine. I didn't roll in any particular direction. some are rolled up, some rolled under, which creates a full, fluffy look at the end. I tried to keep the rollers in the back section below ear level.

take your fringe section, separate into 7 or 8 even sections and curl with small hot sticks or a small curling iron.

                                     When the rollers on the back and sides of your head are cool, remove them:

  and run your finger through your hair to break up the curls. You can also use a brush to fluff up this section

 Next section off your sides like this:
                    and pin them up like this:

                                              By now, your fringe rollers should be cool, remove them

          and run your fingers through it...

               until you look like a poodle.

                                            Gather this section give it a twist and pin it to your scalp

                                         Spread it out, using pins to tack it into place until you like it

If some of your hair hangs down to long, use some pins to stick it into place.

If it's too poufy for your liking, you can flatten it out by pushing down on it with your palm

That's it! You can leave it down or pull the back into a low ponytail.
quick and easy vintage hair poodle tutorial via Va-Voom Vintage
quick and easy vintage hair poodle tutorial via Va-Voom Vintage