Quick and Easy Vintage Hair: Day 1


 Today's quick 'do is so simple that it hardly needs a how-to. It's an easy style to achieve on many different lengths, textures and cuts. This is a good everyday style that looks cute with a vintage outfit without looking too costume-like

. If you have short fringe, you can leave it down for this style.

You will need:
 a brush
 bobby pins
hair spray
optional flower, bow, ribbon, pretty clip

Brush hair out and section it off with a side part like so:

 Starting with the side with the most hair, take the section from just in front of your ear to the top of your head

give it a little twist

push it forward, towards your face so you get a little "bump"

pin it to your head so one bobby pin faces the front and the other faces the back like this:

Do the same thing to the other side

 embellish with ribbons, a bow, clips or just leave it as is.
quick and easy vintage hair tutorial via Va-Voom Vintage
If you have the time, you can curl your hair with some hot rollers or a curling iron but on lazy or busy days, I just leave mine down. Another option is to pull your hair into a snood, which is always cute and easy.
 Finish it with hair spray to keep the fly-aways at bay and you're ready to fly out the door!

Tomorrow's style involves a little more time and primping but it's an authentic 40's classic. Stay tuned! x


  1. This looks so easy to do and when its finished it looks like it was complicated. I am going to give it a try tomorrow!

  2. Your so strange! If I ever do anything with my hair to keep it out the way this is definitely what I do! Super easy and gets your fringe/bangs out of your face! Perfect Lady! x

  3. I love this style--if you wind the back up and pin it in a roll, it ROCKS for work.

    Cheers lovely!

  4. See - nice and easy - but mine NEVER looks half this decent! BOO!

  5. This is my go to style, though it looks MUCH better on you!

  6. Oh I love this done with the ribbons, so cute! I'm starting student teaching tomorrow, so I will be putting some of your quick stylings to use.


  7. OMG thats perfect for me-so easy to it!!

  8. This is my go-to style as well! Simple, easy, and cute! Looking good Momma!

  9. I love this. Especially how quick and easy it is!!!!! Thanks for posting this!

  10. I've been doing this set a lot:

    Have you tried anything like it? I love it, as it goes up really quickly. I'd be curious to see how it looks on shorter hair.

  11. Great style! I can't believe you peroxide your hair and it still looks in such great condition, lucky you :)

  12. Jodi- Thank you so much for sharing that link! I do a style similar to that, but using rats to roll it up but it never occured to me to use a hair band to make curls. I'm going to try that tomorrow! I'll post pics of it next week to let you know how it worked :)

  13. So cute! And I keep meaning to leave a comment about how much I love the blond. It looks wonderful on you :)

  14. ( You look like you hsve lost some weight. )
    My hair is in a long 'bob' and I hate it falling in my face. I'm going to the mirror and trying the style right now. Thanks.

  15. Cute!!! So simple :D
    I would like to have your blonde hair for one night!! ^__^

    This is my blog,if you want to say me hello!

  16. You have great hair! I love the color. This style looks wonderful on you, so pretty!

  17. This is my go to style. I sometimes roll my fringe seperately.


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