Weak at The Knees for 1940's Shorts and Playsuits


I haven't owned a pair of shorts since I was 10 years old! I don't know what it is but I don't like showing my knees in public. This year, I plan to throw my knee and thigh inhibitions to the wind and get over it! Summers in St Louis are beyond miserable (over 100 degrees 90-something percent humidity).It's too hot to not show a little leg!

I found some of the cutest shorts patterns on etsy. Both of these sellers have an excellent selection of adorable patterns, by the way! I have a ton of patterns as it is but shorts this summer are a must-have so I picked them up. Cute, huh?!
Shorts Overalls from Oh Sew Charming on etsy
Shorts Pattern from Paper Tales on etsy

I love these shorts because they're loose fitting and about 18-19 inches from waistband to hem- so that's pretty long for shorts. I plan on using these shorts patterns to make a few playsuits with matching skirts too. Here are a few playsuit designs that I am totally in love with, all available on etsy:

 playsuit patterns from:


  1. Very cute patterns! I love these type of shorts, can't say there is that much call for shorts in the UK though sadly!

  2. Super cute! I only wear shorts if they come down to my knees due to my thigh issues! Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. I've been so obsessed with 1940s playsuits and shorts recently, it's the exact reason I've been looking forward to summer! Good luck with your sewing projects, I can't wait to see!
    From Carys if La Ville Inconnue

  4. Love these! Especially the ones with the over skirts- darling! I have knee issues too... we're not on speaking terms. ; )

  5. I rarely wear shorts anymore, but I used to have great legs, haha! I'm sort of in thigh depression sigh. But I just bought the Simplicity 2017 pattern too! I'm hoping to thumb my nose at my insecurity and wear them anyway.

  6. I also hated my knees and thighs at one point, but I too am throwing it out the window and getting into some shorts! They are so cute and spoty, I cant resist! I cant wait to see how they look!


  7. Really cute patterns; I love the cut of vintage shorts. :D

  8. I love 40s play suits! Maybe I'll have to make myself one.

  9. I hate my thighs and always have, but years ago I said 'F!@$ it' and have been shorts obsessed ever since. I say go for it! Especially if you can make them yourself.

  10. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!! My patterns have already shipped so maybe I'll get to whip up a pair of these and post pics soon! :)

  11. i hated my knees too, but where i live it gets to be 120 degrees in the summer. So i just got over it :)

  12. I'm just dashing out the door, but I'm in the same non-shorts boat as you. But I did buy a vintage shorts pattern, and after I legthen them (like to my ankles) I WILL WEAR SHORTS THIS YEAR! It's a promise to myself. I loove the playsuit look, ever since I saw an old Film Noir with James Cagney where the female (femme fatale) bought a playsuit with a matching overskirt and was modeling it for Van Heflin. Love the look, not sure I can pull it off. I too, have way too many patterns and not enough time, I will look forward to seeing what you make! And pics as you strut your stuff in them!

  13. I love the little overall shorts! Can't wait to see which ones you make.

    I love shorts too, but I have pretty bad cellulite for someone my age. Stupid genes!

  14. I love 1940's shorts and am definitely going to have to pick up some patterns so I have some for summer!
    I own one original pair of side-buttoning 1940's shorts. They are white linen (and a wee bit too tiny at the waist for me but I can squeeze in). The only thing is they have a tea-coloured iron burn on the front. I was given them by a friend of my step-mum's with a note explaining that they had belonged to her mother for wearing to play tennis in the 40's. She then got passed them and would wear them until they got the iron burn. She passed them onto me in the hope I would treasure them and make a pattern from them! I was thinking of lightly dyeing them, just to cover the iron stain so that I can wear them! They are beautiful. xx

  15. Rosie, those shorts sound amazing! Dyeing them wouldn't be a bad idea. You should make a pattern from them so you can have them in several colors! :)

  16. I've been after a 1940s playsuit pattern for a while (because I *need* another sewing project!), and your post reminded me to have another search. I nearly bought the Advance one you featured above, but went for a collared, puff sleeve Hollywood pattern instead (clearly I'm a glutton for punishment! Although I figure it would be easy enough to just extend the shoulders for a cap sleeve version). I'm so excited to make it up in a novelty cotton for summer!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  17. I have the same shorts pattern : D.


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