My Wiggle (Waddle) Dress- A 60's look


vintage maternity fashion via va voom vintage blog
As my dresses and skirts become tighter, I'm reaching way back into the depths of my closet to find something suitable to wear. This early 60's wiggle dress is one I've never worn before and honestly, I wasn't really crazy about it when I bought it. But, it was $1 from The BaleOut and Amanda said it was a great dress and I had to have it so I gave in to fashion peer pressure and brought it home, washed it and put it in my closet thinking "I'll probably wear it one of these days". Over the past year, it has migrated to the very back of my closet until I pulled it out Sunday morning.
vintage maternity fashion via va voom vintage blog
   Surprisingly, I was kind of loving it when I put it on, with its crazy colors, little splash of blue and best of all- the fact that it was comfortable to wear! It has been hemmed several times so it was very short. I let the hem down and now it's a much better length. It has a really pretty, flattering collar and 6 decorative rhinestone buttons down the front. I finished off the curvy early 60's look with a vintage bullet bra and blue belt.
   With baby-related back aches and what-not,  I don't wiggle in it at all- I waddle! :) So, I call it my "waddle dress"

p.s. if any of you mommies out there are wondering about the shoes, I wore them around the house for about a half an hour before deciding it was a very bad plan and changed into something more realistic! :)  Ah, I'm dreaming of my high heel-wearing days!

Early 60's Hair Day
    The dress made me feel like I was channeling Joan Holloway a little bit so I decided to try something totally different with my hair. I checked out a few You Tube tutorials for Joan inspired hair this morning and after a bit of tinkering, hair spray and re-doing things, I made it work! My hair is about an inch above my shoulder so I had to get creative with the french twist in the back but it worked and I'm really loving it!!

         My Outing
Since the blizzard hit this week, I've had a terrible case of cabin fever. I was finally able to leave the house on Sunday for an afternoon of vintage exploration. I found a fantastic red summer hat to wear with my Paris Market dress
When we went to Columbia, Amanda bought this gorgeous dress, jacket and belt outfit. I didn't get any pics of it that day so I made sure to get a few shots this time to share. We had both of our guys taking pics of us at the same time so we were making goofy faces throughout most of them!

I'm so in love with the collar detail on the jacket in the pic below. I wonder if it would be difficult to replicate? I may have to try it out!

My Outfit
60's wiggle dress- The BaleOut
blue belt- thrifted, St Vincent de Paul
vintage navy peep toe sandals- Brenda Sue's
root beer bakelite screw back earrings- St Charles Antique Mall


  1. oooh you look lovely! You really suit that dress & the colours. The collar detail on your friends dress is amazing, I would think that would be pretty hard to replicate, good luck with that!

  2. I'm absolutely certain I've never looked that glamourous while expecting...or ever!

    I love the wiggle dress, but have never tried one, because I'm afraid I'd have too MUCH wiggle; I would probably try it while pregnant though, for some reason I'm always more excited to show off my figure when pregnant.

    That collar is amazing, it looks like it's trimmed with rows of self-piping? Making the piping would probably be the hardest part, but it would be a fun challenge.

    You look great, love the hair!

  3. So lovely! I wish I looked as good as you, and I'm not pregnant! lol...

  4. $1? That's incredible! You look lovely in it, too! :D

  5. That dress looks great. Worth the $1 I guess :)

  6. Love it! You are so bombshell 60s secretary. :)

  7. Oh you look so beautiful!

  8. That dress is gorgeous.. I can't believe it was only $1!! I love it with the blue belt! :) And your hair came out amazing! What tutorial did you use? I have about shoulder length hair and have the worst time trying to do a french twist without it all falling out.

  9. Thank you, everyone! It was well woth $1!! :)
    Kate- I watched both Lisa Freemont and Super Kawaii Momma's tutorials for Joan inspired hair and used a little bit of both tutorials for this hair style. For the back (french twist section) I separated my hair into 3 horizontal sections. I twisted the top section first and pinned it in place and worked my way down from there, twisting and pinning it up. It took a lot of pins and hairspray but once I got it up there, it stayed all day!

  10. Oh I love it, you did such a wonderful job on that dress!

  11. I love your hair like that.

    What an amazing collar!

  12. you look darling! you have really channeled the 60's fab job dear

  13. That is one sexy mama! The dress is amzing on you, what a bargain for $1.

  14. The dress looks great on you. I love the hair too. The collar looks a little difficult.

  15. You look great. Such a sexy hairdo, too. LOVE IT!!!!

  16. Very pretty dress! It looks very lovely on you :)

  17. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Brittany, I sure know where you are coming from. I gave up wiggling all too long ago and high heels are a distant dream as I have taken up falling over as a new hobby!

    I bought my first pair of sensible maternity shoes the other day... Luckily for me, they are rather cute, but I can not wait to get back into my heels!! > <

    Your dress is darling though, and looks great on you. I love the whole 60s look you created. Great job!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  18. wow you look gorgeous in that outfit. That hairstyle is very very flattering on you!

  19. Oh Brittany, you look seriously stunning in that gorgeous dress - it deserves to be worn!

  20. You look great! The dress is very cute and the colors work well on you.

  21. You are adorable and what an awesome find. ONE dollar?? Can't beat that!


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