Hello, lovelies!
Quick pregnancy update:
 Well, I went to the doc on Friday but won't get my test results back till later this week. On the plus side, he said that my cervix is longer this week, probably due to my laying down and resting all the time. He advised that I keep it up for the next month or so because laying down keeps pressure off my pelvis. Laying down is generally viewed as a good thing but I'm not one of those people who enjoys being idle so I've kind of been losing my mind!

Something Fun to Do!
 Since sewing involves a lot of sitting up and hunching over my machine for long periods of time, I've been looking for a more bed and couch friendly hobby. I've always loved to crochet so I'm taking this relaxing time to practice and try my hand at some long-awaited crochet projects. Crochet is a wonderful outlet for me right now because I can do it laying down, it doesn't make a mess that I have to clean later, I can put it down and pick it up at any time without losing my spot and I can take it with me to my many doctor's appointments. It also gives me something to take my mind off the many worries of an already nervous momma. Yay for crochet!!

I -love- the website freevintagecrochet.com and have been wanting to try to make some of those cute vintage play shoes for summer. My crochet skills aren't quite ready for that yet so I'm starting slow and working my way up. Here are my projects in the works:

 Snoods- this is an easy one once you know a few basic stitches.  I've been dying to replace my cheap costume snoods with nice cotton ones so I'm working on snoods in various colors this week. Check out my post with 12 free vintage snood patterns
 Pixie hat- I'm a hat lover and nothing says "spring" like this cute little yellow pixie hat. The pointy hat may be silly for some but I totally love it! I practiced a bit today with some yarn that I have around the house. I may try to get out tomorrow and find the right sized yarn so I can start on this one later this week. You can find the free pattern for this hat here.
1940's Fedora- The fedora is a 40's classic and it's one of those things that I never find when I'm shopping! I found this beautiful PDF pattern for only $2 on etsy from babydee and I can't wait to try to make one for myself.  p.s. babydee has -loads- of stunning vintage knitting and crochet PDF patterns so if you're a goddess of the needle arts, do pop over and check her out!

1930's blouse- also from babydee is this incredibly cute 1930's PDF blouse pattern. I love the over-sized tie, the little button on the waistband- everything about it! It looks so comfy too. This one will probably have to wait until I'm more accomplished with my crochet hook but I'll get there soon. :)

Thank you again for everyone for your kind, supportive thoughts on the pregnancy front. Again, I'll keep you all posted! :) xoxo