New Year's Closet Resolutions


 People make resolutions to loose weight, quit smoking, and so on.  Since this is a fashion blog, I'm making some wardrobe-related changes (in addition to the usual personal resolutions)
I hope to revisit this post in a few months to see if I've stuck with it.. This year, I will follow these steps to build a better wardrobe.

1.) I won't buy anymore blue! I have several blue dresses, blue cardigans, blue skirts, etc. I love blue but my closet is being over-run and could use a punch of other colors. I will try to add more greens and warm colors to my wardrobe this year.

2.) I will add high quality pieces. In the beginning of my vintage obsession, I would buy just about anything with the hopes of "rocking it anyway" or "revamping it". Well, I've been there, haven't done that! This year, I will only purchase quality pieces. They must be in good vintage condition (or at least able to be easily repaired), from the 30's to late 50's- no scratchy 1970's polyester, have pretty details that make them stand out, and most importantly- have the right price.
 3.) I will finish the projects I've been putting off. I have a bunch of half-sewn things, fabric I bought to make something, clothes that need repairs and so on. This year, I will finish those projects.
4.) I will make complete outfits- That odd colored skirt without a top to match, those shoes that are SO cute but I have nothing to wear with them. I will hunt down items to complete these outfits.
 5.) No more cruel shoes- Getting all dressed up with perfect rolls and makeup doesn't mean a thing if I'm limping around like I've been hit by a bus. This year, I will get rid of all of my uncomfortable shoes and only buy shoes if they are a perfect fit and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

6.) I will sew more.I have bought so many beautiful vintage patterns and they sit, unused and abandoned in my train cases. I truly LOVE  sew. My husband, Pj says " I love to watch you when you sew. You always look so happy!" and I am! I just need to make the space and time to do it!!

7.) I will spend more time looking for pretty accessories- I have always loved accessories. In my early vintage collecting, I spent a lot of time looking for accessories. Accessories like hats, purses, scarves and jewelry can help you to make the most of your wardrobe. This year, I will look for really amazing hats, unique brooches, colorful purses and things of that nature.

  8.) I will make the most of what I already have- This is the most important closet resolution that I will follow this year. Realistically, I don't need another stitch of clothing in my closet. I have bought so many beautiful things and only worn them once or twice! This year, I will catalog all of those garments in my closet organizer and I will actually wear them. I will re-invent new outfits with them and really mix things up to make the most of my wardrobe.

 Do you have any closet resolutions for 2011?


  1. I have the same shoe resloution, i have so many heels that cut into my ankles so this year is all about comfort!

  2. Great inspirational post. Happy new year closet-wise or other wise!

  3. I also have a ton of blue in my closet! I don't really have an official resolution with clothes except I should make more of an effort to wear some of it more often. I've always had the habit of of really liking a few specific outfits and just wearing those over and over again

  4. Mine is to give myself a year to lose the weight or get rid of everything that doesn't fit, scary!! I say a year cos I have a lot of weight to lose ;o)

  5. I'm planning to sew more this year, including for our upcoming vacation. My sewing has taken a backseat to my crocheting and soapmaking lately, but I, like you, love it! I've found that it really is meditative, especially since I tend to be hyper, it forces me to be methodical. For a while, almost all my clothes were made by me, many of them were vintage or vintage reprint patterns. Ever since I was pregnant with my baby Elvis (boy #5), I just don't seem to have the time or the cleared off kitchen table; but I will be doing that soon! Also, going back and forth from being pregnant all the time has kept me guessing size-wise, and I tend to purge all the items that don't fit me, and my wardrobe gets down to the bare bones, six months ago I had a 10 lb 5 oz baby E (and a 46 inch waistline to match), so who knows what size I'll end up now! I've learned though, to not keep clothes around in hopes you'll wear them again, too depressing and discouraging. I like to start fresh!

  6. Totally agreed on using what I already have! When I switched my closet over for the season, I realized how many things rarely or never saw the light of day. Time to stop grabbing the same items over and over and then thinking that the solution is buying more!

  7. Wonderful resolution! I, too, need to get organized. My Jewelry box is a mess, and I can't find a few of my favorite bangles and earrings, so a total organizing and keeping all my accessories in the same place is needed. Also, the cleaning out and listing of vintage that doesn't fit, or I don't wear anymore is in order. I plan on opening an Etsy store. I also need to take many things to the cleaners, but I'm afraid I will have a $300 dry cleaning bill, so I will begin by taking 2 things a week to the cleaners. I am also making a commitment to stop buying so much evening wear. I need more casual comfy vintage to wear during the day.

    Good luck to you! I agree to reserve your money for quality, you will wear it more and look fabulous!

  8. Great resolutions! Mine are almost exactly the same when it comes to my wardrobe. Good luck with it. x

  9. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I don't think I have any wardrobe resolutions per say ~ except to lay my hands on some quality vintage to stock my pathetic shop infested closet....

    That and the sewing one ~ I want to sew more this year too! I am only just starting out, but I do really like to do it. I just forget how much fun I have sewing so I don't make time for it! My goal is to sew myself a vintage day dress by the end of the year. > < A long time I know, but I want to build my skills up to that project as I am so not ready to tackle a dress yet I don't think!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  10. I really want to make myself some outfits using my collection of vintage patterns! Wish me luck :)

  11. I am inspired! I'm definitely putting some of these on my resolutions list, especially the bit about sewing more. Well I hope you have a lovely, exciting, vintage-filled and blessed New Year!

  12. In one fell swoop, you have inspired me to colour my wardrobe! And sort my shoes out!

  13. i hate resolutions; but these are ones I could live with!

  14. I love all of your resolutions!!! However I wouldnt be able to part with my heels......but, boy, do they hurt


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