Well, our house-buying adventures have come to a halt and it turns out that we'll be sticking around in our current place for at least another year. Even though I'll continue to cook in the world's smallest kitchen and have the world's smallest garden and closet, I'm pretty excited about it!! Pj is on winter vacation until January 3rd and I am REALLY enjoying having him home. He's been a dear, helping take care of Olivia and putting our house together after Christmas exploded upon it.

This week, we're re-evaluating our small space. We're bringing another little person into this 2 bedroom townhouse and that means we're also bringing in more stuff! Luckily, I really do enjoy organizing and I've found some excellent space saving options at Home Depot, including this awesome adjustable garment rack, which will allow me to hang twice the amount of dresses in my teeny tiny miniature closet.

Today, we re-arranged Olivia's room to make room for another crib and her new toys. Prepare yourself for this, I have thrown away 22, yes- that's twenty two bags of trash (a.k.a. crap I don't need and refuse to inflict upon anyone else) and I've gathered 9 boxes and 3 bags of things to donate to the Salvation Army. I've pitched 2 bags of fabric scraps that I'll never use, donated a whole bag of blue jeans and a load of other things I don't care to even think about. It feels SO great to get rid of that stuff. I feel like I've lost a thousand pounds in two days!!

Now that the crap is gone, I'm in full nesting mode. I've emptied every drawer, cabinet and box and thrown most of its contents out the door. Tomorrow, I'm whipping up some cute things to hang on the walls of the nursery for the little man and I'm going to start sewing his quilt and other crib bedding. Nesting is a fun thing, both for the mommy-to-be and people watching her. Some women cook, some decorate, some fertilize the lawn at 3am. I clean! When I was nesting while expecting Olivia, I spent 4 hours, scrubbing my kitchen floor, including using a butter knife to scrape up any grit in the corners and I scrubbed down the walls throughout the house, convinced that they needed a new paint job. The floor was so clean, you could have eaten off of it!

 That time, no one was home to witness my temporary insanity but this time, poor Pj is home and worst of all, I ask him to help me do these crazy things. I pray for his sake that my instinctive need to clean wears off soon!

Speaking of nesting, I bought this adorable book on nursery decor when I was pregnant with Olivia, called "Feathering the Nest". It's all about eco-friendly ways to decorate your nursery, which includes using vintage decor and furniture in your scheme. It's full of beautiful decor ideas, DIY tips, color palettes and loads of vintage inspiration. It's been a big help with ideas for decorating the nursery this time around. It's a wonderful distraction for an insane mother-to be! :)

I'm finishing up with putting my home back together tomorrow and then I'll be back with loads of vintage loveliness and projects! :)