On Saturday, we went to my grandmother's house for Christmas dinner. I made Great Grandma's clam chowder, which turned out pretty good. However, I always tell Great Grandma "It was okay, not as good as yours!" and that makes her smile!

 It's always really special getting together with Great Grandma for Christmas because we have 5 generations of girls. Here we are:

Great Grandma Alma, Me with Olivia, My momma, Grandma Amanda (or Grandma Peek-a-boo), and my sister, Chelsea.

 Olivia got this adorable set of farm animal puppets. My brother, sister, Pj and I all put a puppet on and ticked Olivia with them.

After dinner, Chelsea and I busted out the tiramisu and had fun licking the creamy coffee dessert off of the plastic thingy that went around the outside of the cake. We had a race to the middle. Yes, we're such proper young ladies! :)

 It never fails at family gatherings that I will end up in the kitchen, cooking or cleaning (or licking things like a 5 year old) at one point. If you're a kitchen gal like me, be sure to tuck an apron in your handbag to protect your pretty party dresses while you're being helpful! This blue vintage apron belonged to my great grandma. It buttons all the way up the back and ties under the bust, It's so cute, I'm thinking of wearing it over a button-up blouse as a vintage maternity top.

For this party, I wore my new green dress from Amanda. So many of my clothes don't quite show off my baby bump yet but this dress does and that's fun. As much as some ladies feel like a whale when they're pregnant ( and I often do, especially towards the end) I always love how incredibly adorable gals look with that big round belly. I never got very big with Olivia and I doubt that I will with this one either so the more I can flaunt my new "curve" the better!

50's green dress: Christmas gift from Amanda
50's green satin hat with bows: St Charles antique mall
Brown low-heel shoes: thirfted, Value Village
bakelite bangles: misc. places
gold momma bird pin: thrifted, St Vincent de Paul