Vacation: What the Doctor Ordered


Oh, poo! I'm so sad to say that I will be taking a short vacation from blogland for a week or two. Due to pregnancy-related complications, my doc has ordered me to lay around and chill out- which means no dressing up and dancing around in heels for me for a little bit. I'm spending the next few days laying around with messy hair wearing Pj's t-shirts and pajama pants.The less hunching over the computer, the better!
   On the plus side, the baby is doing very well and is growing like a weed! When I come back from blog o" break, I will have tons of ultrasound pics to share.
   In the mean time, I hope that all of you lovelies have a fabulous Thanksgiving. I hope to be back very soon. I'm really missing blogging all the time!!
p.s. be sure to pop over to my momma's blog and check out her new art piece, the lovely steampunk fairy. I love that she has her sitting on a paper moon!! See her here


  1. Have fun relaxing! Can't wait to see ultrasound pics!

  2. Take care hun & rest up lots,we'll miss you but we understand you need to take it easy.We want you & the bubs to be in tip top condition:D

  3. No worries Britnay, been there and know the feeling tooo well..the baby is the most important, so get your rest..we will be here when you return
    ~ becca

  4. Good luck with laying around. I know it's hard. And Happy Thanksgiving to you. I can't really believe it's next week.

  5. Rest up fabulous lady! Take care of that tiny baby!

  6. Have fun taking a break and happy thanksgiving!!
    P.S. when you are back I left you a blog award over on my blog so stop in and see!!

  7. Rest up and enjoy being in those PJ's! I am stuck at work during a snowstorm and want nothing more than to be home with a book and some warm coco! Hope you feel better soon!


  8. When you come back to blogland, there's an award waiting for you!

    Miss Pxx


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