Hello, blogland!
 I'm back from blog-cation, thank goodness! Laying in bed is great for a few hours but after about 10am, I want to do something with myself! I've done all of the resting up that I can handle and I'm ready to get out of my pajamas. Luckily, I had this beautiful vintage lounge set to enjoy from a lovely reader and fellow blogger, Sue. She sent me a beautifully packaged assortment of vintage maternity patterns, a few vintage patterns for kids and this vintage lounge set, which I -love-!! Thank you so much, Sue! I can't wait to start sewing!! :)
    After resting up, the baby and I are doing great. Oh, and I cut my hair off again!  Here's a pic of my little bean. That's a top view of the head (to the right) with knees,legs and feet to the left. We're about half way there!

I'm feeling lot of wiggles and kicks and my belly is starting to stick out a bit. 

I've been enjoying reading these 1950's and 60's parenting books and magazines. It's so funny to see what people used to do with their kids back then and what we still do today. For example, evenflo glass bottles haven't changed at all, except for the BPA free nipples, of course! Car seats on the other hand are a whole new can of worms. In my family, we have always called car seats "punkin' seats" because when my mother was a baby, that was what she traveled around in. It was a multi-use plastic seat that hooked over your back seat and had a seat belt for the baby. No crazy tie-downs, no restrictions, that was it! You would pull the punkin' seat out and have baby sit in it in the house, just like some parents do with infant seats today. Some baby brands that I saw in these magazines that are still around today are Carter's baby clothes, Heinz foods, Evenflo, Dreft laundry detergent, Beechnut baby foods and many more. I love this vintage beechnut ad! How cute is that?!

Even though a lot of the information in vintage baby books are WAY out-dated, there are a lot of great tips and advice that ladies used back then! When I was a first time momma-to-be, I was in shock at the list of things that we were "supposed" to buy for the baby. According to our Babies R Us shower registry, we were supposed to have 3 strollers, a crib, a porta-crib, a bassinet and a play yard, "nursery water" for the humidifier, a baby wipe warmer, an electric bottle warmer, car bottle warmer, a baby bath tub with jacuzzi jets (not kidding).... the list went on for days! I've always preferred old fashioned methods so talking to grandmas and reading these old magazines really put the world of baby gear into perspective for me! This 1963 list of baby gear is much more my style, plus a battery-operated baby swing, my beloved snappi diaper fasteners and no diaper service since I wash my own. (click image to enlarge)