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Hello, blogland
 Long time, no see!!
 This week has been absolutely insane with everything from my basement flooding with 3 inches of sewage to my computer being over-run with viruses. So, I'm wiping my whole computer and starting from scratch but I'll be back hopefully within the next few days. Yesterday was the day of the basement flooding and that same morning, Olivia decided to wake me up by smearing poop all over herself and her crib....ah, how delightful! The Mother's Curse hit me hard.
What is the Mother's Curse? That's when your mother says "some day, this will happen to YOU and THEN you will understand!"
When I was about 14, my little brother, Tristan was just a baby. One morning, I was woken up by my mother screaming, "NO NO NO, Shit! Damnit! Son of a....." you get the idea. I ran into the nursery to find my brother covered in poo and my mom having to clean up the mess. At the time, I thought that was pretty funny and then she turned around, her hair all wild and madness in her eye. She pointed at me and cursed me, "One day, this will happen to YOU and then, it won't be so funny!" and she wasn't kidding! Sorry for laughing,  mom! :)

In other news, today is my 25th birthday! Pj got me a dozen beautiful roses, Julie and Julia on dvd (my favorite movie ever) and Mastering the Art of French Cooking!! We watched Iron Man 2, which was awesome and had chinese...YUM!
Saturday is Olivia's first birthday and we're throwing her a big lady bug themed birthday party!
Sunday is my two year wedding anniversary so Pj and I are going out without the baby to do something nice.
So, even though my week has been (literally) shitty, life isn't all bad! :)

I'm going to my mother in law's house to grab our windows disk so we can sweep our hard drive  and as soon as that's done, I'll be back with lots of pretty pictures and crazy stories to tell!
See you soon!!


  1. That's exactly what happened to our church. The basement literally got filled with crap, it was crazy. Happy Birthday! And hope your next week is better!

  2. Ack! Isn't that always the way? A whole bunch of crappy (no pun intended) things all at once? Still, happy birthday to you, and to Olivia!

  3. Well, you will be missed for the few days while you are rebooting everything.

    Your Friday Night Movie feature is my favorite. I will have to watch one in your honor...Welcome to Wellville or In the Mood...I suppose Posiden Adventure would be appropriate.

    Enjoy your grownup time

  4. Happy Birthday to you and Olivia and Happy Anniversary! Hope your weekend goes much better than your week.

  5. Happy birthday! Wishing you an infinitely amazing weekend after all that poop! :D

  6. 1stly Happy Birthday!!I'm glad that despite your crap filled start to the day it sounds like you ended up having a lovely b'day.
    2ndly i really had to laugh at Olivia's creativeness?This has happened a number of times to me & at the time it's horrifying(especially when they eat it) it's funny later when it's all over though.I have 4 kids so i empathise with all the yukkiness of children lol:)
    Happy b'day to Olivia for Saturday & i hope your computer is all better asap. xxx

  7. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one.. My birthday is tomorrow and I can't wait.

  8. Happy Birthday to you and little Olivia.

    I had the same thing happen the other morning. She was rolling around in her own poop all over the crib. The joys of motherhood.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Good luck with the reboot, I had to do that in July and it was a nightmare uuurgh!

  10. I'm not going to comment on the poo, I don't think anything I could say would make that better! But have a fabulous birthday and good luck with the computer reboot!

  11. A veritable hat-trick of celebrations! Your birthday (sounds like you had a good one!! chinese - YUM!!), Olivia's birthday (ladybugs - cute!) and THEN your anniversary! How lovely. A nice end to a (literally) shitty week!

  12. Happy birthday to you! (and to that little lady, too!!)

  13. Happy Birthday you two! And FYI, the story about the Mothers Curse is not an exaggeration, I'm her mom, and that was hilariously accurate! :o)

  14. sorry about your week, but sounds like it will end on a good note..... i knew something was going on with you!
    i said happy birthday to you on VLN...but not to olivia and happy anniversary
    and my daughter did the poo thing tooo, gross

  15. Happy Birthday! Sorry about all the poo and sewage.

  16. Happy birthday to you and Olivia and Happy Anniversary to you and PJ.

    I gave you an award on my blog. Have a look here -

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  17. The "mother's curse" comes back to bite you a mere 11 years later; wow. And viruses and sewage in the basement while you're newly pregnant? You poor thing. This has not been your week!

  18. Brittany,

    Happy Belated Birthday! I am so sorry about the misery you have been experiencing as of late.

    According to my mother, I did the same thing like your Olivia did! I feel so bad my mom had to clean me and the walls! I can't even clean the litter box without being grossed out! So I totally respect your resolve!


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