It's Femme Fatale Week!


Hello, everyone!
I'm very pleased to announce that the October/November issue of Vintage Life Magazine is now available, featuring my article "How to be a Femme Fatale". So, this week is Femme Fatale week on Va-Voom Vintage!

I've always been in love with the sultry, dangerous character of the femme fatale so this week, we'll talk about dangerous ladies throughout history, our favorite film noir beauties, alluring fashions and of course, a femme fatale giveaway at the end of the week!

My femme fatale photo shoot was a blast! Pj was my talented photographer and we shot these pics in an old asylum, which is now a home for developmentally disabled adults. It was very creepy but fun! :) Here are some of my pics from the shoot, more coming later this week...


  1. many congrats on the article! you look wonderful! <3

  2. Congrats Brittany! Getting a photo shoot at such a unique building must have been a blast! Love the look!

    loves loves loves

  3. yea, it was really fun! I actually used to work there before I became a housewife so it was fun to go back.

  4. That's hot! I just got paper issues 2 and 3 in the post today, and can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and read them. Looking forth to get this issue as well! Having a photoshoot look really fun! Every girls dream, isn't it?

  5. hooray! you look dangerously beautiful.

  6. Can you say Hubba-Hubba ? I can !
    Sexy,sophisticated and very mysterious, all that and a bag of chips,our very glamorous Brittany .


  7. you look gorgeous! what fun the shoot must have been.

  8. You look fantastic! I always adore your pics :) Can I ask what red lippie(s) you wear? You always look so put together!

  9. Silly as it is, I usually wear the cheapest red lipstick that you can buy. This one is retro red by NYC color. I am still very hesitant about which shades of red look okay, so I never want to spend a lot on them. Sometimes, you can find great sale lipsticks at discount stores (like Big Lots) and any department store (K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target). There's nothing that brightens a gal's day like a $1 lipstick! :)

  10. So true! I think it looks great on you! I always get self concious when I wear it, but the more I wear it the less I realize I have it on til I see myself in a mirror :)


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