Femme Fatale Fashions


The femme fatale style can be very easy to achieve. You can go all out vintage or mix modern clothes with vintage inspired accessories. These wardrobe staples were inspired by some of the greatest Film Noir femmes of all time.

The Femme Fatale Color Scheme
I really don't think that there are any rules when it comes to the colors of a femme fatale wardrobe. A lady can look just as mysterious in white as she does in black.

That's what I call "white hot!"
Personally, I love jewel tones such as deep purples, greens, blue and burgundy. Black, gray and bold reds are all good choices for a femme fatale.

Fatal Fabrics
*When it comes to vintage staples of any kind, wool is always a sophisticated pick. Look for wool skirts, jackets, well fitting sweaters and suits.
*Slinky fabrics such as silk, satin and some synthetic blends are also perfect choices. For interest, pair a matte satin blouse with a patterned wool skirt or shiny silk with a solid color skirt. Show off your curves with stretch fabrics such as a light jersey, which drapes nicely over the body.

Outfit Basics

A little black dress (or other killer dress)- The little black dress is a classic and very versatile piece. While we probably wouldn't wear the Ava Gardner number below, we can find a more toned-down dress with femme fatale qualities. You're "little black dress" doesn't have to be black, either. If you're feeling saucy, go for red (or any other color!)

blouses with feminine details
The classic femmes always had some of the prettiest blouses. Look for tops with lace, a bit of beading, frills, delicate buttons, etc. These blouses can be paired with a sexy skirt or with your favorite jeans or capris for everyday wear.

Vintage sweaters always make me think of the bullet-bra wearing femme fatale Mamie Van Doren in High School Confidential but the elegant (and much toned-down) Jean Simmons is a perfect example of how to achieve the vintage sweater look without the need for torpedo breasts! Simply tuck it in and add a belt.

long coat

Long coats and jackets are good for rainy days, snowy days and keeping incognito in a dark alley! My favorite long-coat wearing femme fatale is Elle Driver from Kill Bill. God, I LOOOOVE this coat!! I feel a tutorial coming on!!

vintage inspired suits and jackets
A lovely feminine suit gives a professional put-together look and is still very glamorous. For curvy gals, a vintage suit can be hard to find. You can sew your own (using some of the Vintage Vogue re-release 1940's suit patterns) or pair jackets and skirts of similar colors and patterns. I STILL don't have a suit, but in the fall, I wear this handmade pencil skirt with this modern thrift store jacket. The pattern and weave isn't exactly the same but it's pretty close!

Accessorize to Kill
long or short gloves always add drama to an outfit. One tidbit of advice, avoid yellow gloves, even really pale yellow! I bought a pair of pale yellow gloves a few months ago, thinking they would look great with all of my blue dresses. Not so much, they look like dish gloves! *lol*

Scarf or Wrap

a long, bold colored scarf or a short ascot type gives you a touch of glamor. Fur or faux fur wraps stoles and collars dress up your look.


The fun really begins with hats! A Lauren Bacall beret is a femme fatale classic but don't be afraid to thick outside the box with crazy shapes, feathers, veils, etc.


Nothing says mystery like a great pair of sunglasses. Many vintage sunglasses have prescription lenses. If you're crafty, you can push out the old lenses and cut new non-prescription lenses from a cheap $1 store pair of sunglasses. Sand them to the desired shape and carefully glue into place. Look around modern sunglasses racks too. You never know what you might find.

Get creative and don't be afraid to mix modern with vintage. There are a LOT of great modern garments with vintage flair. Pair a modern blouse from Target with a thrift store pencil skirt, top it off with a vintage hat and you're ready to go! Have fun, ladies! :)


  1. I love the long coat look, I have at least four of them. Wasn't that coat cool because the belt and buttons were drawn on or something like that? May I'm nuts....yeah, probably nuts.

  2. You know, this might become one of my favourite blogs.. ;")

  3. looove this, and agree with the necessary addition of gloves to the outfit!

  4. Just bought a pair of gloves with fishnet down the side for a great little cape I have. Great advice...please keep it coming. And thank you for making curves acceptable!! Lori

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