Hello, my darlings! It's been a while since my last update. Pj is on vacation so we've been traveling around town, seeing the sites and having fun! Today, I think I'll get some much needed sewing time *woo-hoo*

Here I am after a day of shopping, looking kinda messy, but having fun!!

Two weekends ago, we ventured out to all of St. Louis' best specialty vintage clothing stores. It was scorching hot (95 degrees) and extremely humid (80%) but we survived and came home with lots of lovely goodies and my hair remained fairly intact! So, if any of you lovely readers are Missouri natives or are ever visiting the area, these 4 shops are a must-see!!

What an amazingly fabulous shop! It's really big and loaded with beautiful housewares, furniture and vintage clothes and accessories. The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and polite. Everything is very fairly priced and they have a wide selection to choose from. The merchandise is in excellent condition also! T.F.A. carries a large selection of clothing for gentlemen as well.
vintage shops in St Louis, Missouri
vintage shops in St Louis, Missouri

Amanda found a pristine Gossard girdle, still in the box and in her size!!

We had fun goofing off with the mannequin in the window

The Vintage Haberdashery
(clothes and accessories)
The Vintage Haberdashery is small but don't let that fool you! They have a lot to choose from. Everything is neatly organized and tagged with the size and era of the garment. Prices are very affordable and merchandise is in excellent vintage condition! The staff are eager to help you find things and take special care in packaging your purchases. The haberdashery has a large selection of costume rentals also. And a bonus for us voluptuous vixens- lots of larger sized items!!
vintage shops in St Louis, Missouri

Retro 101/Cherry Bomb Vintage
Retro 101 is one of the bigger vintage clothing stores in the area. They have men's and women's clothes as well as retro housewares and furniture. The staff are very helpful and friendly and willing to take trade items in exchange for store credit. They allow you to take your time and try things on. If you're looking for something in particular, just ask! The owners know every nook and cranny of the shop so they can always help you find special request items. Prices range from very affordable to high, so you never know what you're going to find at Retro 101. The racks are full of clothing from the 1920's to 1980's and the selection of accessories is amazing! From ceiling to corners on the floor, this shop is full of wearable history!

While at retro 101, we met up with Jennifer from The Pin Curl Diaries and her hubby and -incredibly- cute little boy. Sadly, we were so busy shopping that no one took any pics of us together or the inside of this awesome shop! :( I scored 3 cute dresses and an awesome pair of red canvas wedges. Oh, and of course, my cute tote bag that they gave me (thanks, guys!).

Binge and Purge (CLOSED AS OF 2018)
Binge and Purge opened just over a year ago but today was my very first visit and I must say that it is one of the best vintage clothing shops in St. Louis. Their clothing is very organized (according to color and type of garment) and they have everything from 1930's dresses to funky modern t-shirts. Prices are very affordable and the vintage selection is in -excellent- condition! The owner of Binge and Purge works at the shop and she is very helpful, friendly and lets you take your time shopping and trying on! She has been an avid vintage lover for -many- years so she has a lot of experience with vintage clothing. In addition to clothes and accessories, Binge and Purge carries an array of strange and unusual items including barbies with lobster claws, specimen jars and vintage erotic books. Binge and Purge is all about shock and awe and it worked on me...in the best way!
vintage shops in St Louis, Missouri

outfit for the day:
Green 1940's polka dot dress- Retro 101
Green earrings- consignment shop purchase
Green Snood- handmade by Arthelia's attic
Red vintage wedges-estate sale
bakelite bangle- St Charles Antiques