Woops! I'm a little late on my Fashion and Film Friday post! I was shopping all day yesterday and never got a chance to sit down. Oh, well....I'll make this "Fashion and Film Saturday"

This week's pick is the 1970's comedy "Paper Moon". Set in the mid-western United States during the Great Depression, Paper Moon is the story of Moses Pray, a con-man who ends up getting stuck with Addie, a little girl whose mother just died. When Moses agrees to take Addie to her only surviving relative in St. Joseph, Missouri, he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. Addie is a cursing, smoking, smart-mouth pain in the neck.

Soon, the two become a team in robbing the poor widows of the depression era by talking them into buying over-priced bibles. In their journey, Moses picks up the jiggling, cheap exotic dancer, Miss Trixie Delight (played by the fabulous Madeline Kahn.) and her servant girl, Imogene.

Addie wants Trixie out of the picture and Imogene wants to be free of Trixie as well, so the two girls put their heads together to make the obnoxious Miss Trixie disappear.