Hello, everyone!
Well, I just found my camera so I wanted to post some pics of the wedding I was in this past weekend. I love the dress that the bride picked for us. I felt like a 1930's movie star in it! I told the hair stylist that I wanted my hair fingerwaved but this is what I ended up with! I had to fix it myself to make it look a bit more authentic! :( Oh, well it turned out okay! As you may have noticed, I colored my hair brown! I have only gone this dark once in my life and it was a wreck. I kind of like it this time, though! I'm used to blonde or red hair but the brown is really growing on me. I feel so glamorous! :)

Here's Pj looking quite dashing in his kilt! He was the best man.

This is the beautiful bride, Allayne. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding so I was happy that I got to be a bridesmaid for her! Her dress was SO gorgeous. Photos really don't do it justice!

On a completely unrelated note, my little peach is 8 months old today! She just learned to sit up on her own and this afternoon, I taught her how to make noise on the xylophone! She's growing up so fast!! I'm such a proud momma....what a ham she is!